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The right decision: how to choose a smartphone that is better for you and less harmful to the planet

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The right decision: how to choose a smartphone that is better for you and less harmful to the planet

Opening the box of a new mobile phone is always exciting. But how often does getting a new phone or mobile phone contract make you feel like you’re doing it right?

As a certified B Corp, mobile network provider gifgaff It comes with a number of advantages that not only benefit you but also society at large. Intrigued? Here are seven reasons why choosing giffgaff is the right decision…

Sustainability is more than just words
Smartphone pollution is a real problem. In 2022, the WEEE Forum estimated that there would be 16 billion mobile phones worldwide and 5.3 billion were no longer in use. If you want to limit your negative impact on the planet, then it makes sense to choose a network that feels the same way. More than half of giffgaff’s phone sales each year are refurbished models. In fact, when you choose this option, you are creating 89% less electronic waste than if you bought a new smartphone. Opting for a refurbished phone isn’t choosing second best – all phones come with a minimum 12-month warranty, have undergone extensive testing, and have at least 80% battery health.

Do you have an old phone or SIM card in a drawer? You can also recycle them at giffgaff, and giffgaff’s new sim packaging comes from a blend of 100% FSC accredited paper, a blend of recycled pulp and sustainable forests.

A refurbished phone extends the life of the device. Photograph: Peter Cade/Getty Images

Become part of a community
When you sign up for giffgaff, you automatically become a “member.” As a member, you can help support other members, such as answering their questions on the online forum. In exchange, you get a “reward,” which you can receive in cash or credit to your account. Alternatively, you have the option to donate the money to a charity, which giffgaff will match pound for pound. In 2023, this translated into over £85,000 in joint donations.

Being part of the community doesn’t mean the conversation is limited to data plans and network coverage questions, either: members chat about everything from healthy recipes to wallpaper tips. And if there is no topic that interests you, you are free to start the conversation.

Take control of your sim plan
Work and travel plans mean that, for many of us, one month can be very different from the next. And giffgaff understands this, allowing you to change your plan for free whenever you want. So if it turns out you’re not the data processor you thought, you can effortlessly switch to a cheaper plan, no questions asked. In fact, every month, giffgaff will send you an email to let you know if you have the right plan based on your data usage. So if you need less or more data, giffgaff will let you know which plan is best for you. And if a monthly plan isn’t right for you, you can choose to purchase pay-as-you-go credit.

Get a great deal
With no stores or call centers (giffgaff is online only), the phones and SIM plans are easy to understand and give you great value. Currently, you can sign up for unlimited data, calls and texts in the UK. with an 18 month contract for just £25 a month*. And giffgaff has phones to fit any budget; For example, at the time of writing you can get the Samsung Galaxy A15 4G for just £169.

Know that you are making a positive impact
Over 2,000 UK businesses They are officially B Corp, and giffgaff is one of them. This means that they are not only committed to doing what is right for their staff, their customers and the planet, but they are also legally required to do so.

The mobile network lives up to this commitment in many ways: from offering its staff (aka giffgaffers) free breakfasts and virtual fitness classes to adopting e-sims; raising money for good causes through your payback plan, to building a genuinely warm and helpful online community, always ready to welcome new members. And the list grows year after year, as giffgaff works to increase its B Corp score.

Avoid unpleasant surprises
Being told that the monthly direct debit you thought was fixed is suddenly going up can feel like a kick in the teeth. Fortunately, that’s not something you’ll experience with giffgaff, as they’re committed to not raising prices mid-contract on their contracts in 2024**. So no matter what the inflation rate is, you know your budget is sound.

Mobile network giffgaff helped tackle digital exclusion by providing 250 refurbished phones to Big Issue sellers

Let’s help fight digital poverty
Most of us can’t imagine life without a smartphone, but there are thousands of people who are socially disadvantaged because they don’t have access to one. Giffgaff recognizes the impact of digital exclusion and that is why, in November last year, it partnered with Big Issue to provide 250 refurbished mobile phones to magazine sellers, allowing them to accept cashless payments on the street and connect with friends and vital services such as housing and the NHS.

Check out giffgaff’s flexible SIM packs, wide range of refurbished phones and all the ways it’s ‘okay’ at giffgaff.com

* Terms and fair use policy apply
**No mid-contract price increases on 18-month contracts purchased before the end of 2024. Conditions, exclusions and fair use policy apply, see

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