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Logitech launches the Logitech G Cloud gaming handheld in Europe


Logitech is moving forward with its handheld game console focused on cloud gaming as the company is about to launch its device in Europe. In addition to this release, the company is still actively releasing software updates for the Logitech G Cloud.

The Logitech G Cloud will be gradually available in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland between May 22 and June 22 for €359 or £329. As a reminder, it costs $349 in the US , but it usually retails for $299.

European customers get up to six months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (with Xbox Cloud Gaming), one month of Nvidia GeForce Now (Priority subscription level), and one month of Shadow PC.

When Logitech announced the Logitech G Cloud in September 2022, many people didn’t really understand why people would spend $350 for a portable Android console. Unlike the $299 Switch, you can’t play Zelda on it. Unlike the $399 Steam Deck, you can’t play PC games on the go.

But the answer lies in the name of the device. The Logitech G Cloud is specifically designed for cloud gaming. By default, the device comes with the Nvidia GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming apps pre-installed. In fact, Logitech says on its website that its console “requires a separately sold cloud subscription service to work as intended.”

Alternatively, the Logitech G Cloud can be used for remote play. If you already own an Xbox or a PlayStation, you can use the device as a second screen so you can game outside your living room. Or it can be used to play PC games streamed from a gaming PC.

Shadow becomes an official partner

The Logitech G Cloud has a familiar design with a touchscreen surrounded by gamepad controls. It has just the right amount of computing power to run cloud gaming services, but nothing extra.

It means the Logitech G Cloud doesn’t have a powerful APU, a ton of internal storage, or a fan to cool the device. Instead, you get a nice 1080p 7-inch screen, a microSD card slot, a USB-C port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, speakers, microphones and all the buttons you’d expect from a modern gamepad.

Under the hood, the Logitech G Cloud has a mid-range Qualcomm system on a chip (the Snapdragon 720G), 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage, Bluetooth 5.1 and WiFi 5 support – yes, WiFi 6 support would be nice have been.

I reviewed the Logitech G Cloud back in October and it’s quickly become my favorite way to play games. I particularly praised the flexibility of the Logitech G Cloud in combination with Shadow PCa cloud computing service that gives you access to a state-of-the-art PC in a data center near you.

With this setup, you can install any game on Steam and play them flawlessly while sitting on the couch. The Logitech G Cloud weighs 463g, which is about 30% lighter than the Steam Deck. It stays cool and quiet. And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about battery life as all intensive computing tasks take place on the remote server.

Over the past few months, Logitech has delivered software updates with new features such as virtual button mapping for touch-based mobile games, sensitivity and dead zone adjustment settings for the analog sticks and L2/R2 triggers, and official support for shadows. -pc.

The Shadow PC app will be pre-installed on the Logitech G Cloud in the near future and the built-in controller is now fully supported by Shadow.

Again, the Logitech G Cloud isn’t for everyone. It works well for people who are already into cloud gaming or are looking for something specifically designed for this purpose with a large 7-inch screen. It may be a niche market, but the Logitech G Cloud fills that gap very well. And now more people will be able to buy one.

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