Lindsay Lohan arouses the outrage of the brand #MeToo victims of sexual abuse & # 039; weak & # 039;


The 32-year-old actress First he shared his feelings about Harvey Weinstein months ago, when he took Instagram to admit that he felt bad for him.

Although he later deleted the publications, he added: "He has never hurt me or done anything wrong to me, and we have made several films together, so I think everyone should stop."

Now, she has returned to talk about the scandal of sexual misconduct and admitted that she believes that the #MeToo movement can make women who talk about sexual misconduct seem "weak."

She said: "If it happens at that moment, they discuss it at that moment, they make it real by turning it into a police report."

"It makes them look weak when they are very strong women." "

Lindsay Lohan

She continued to The Times: "I'm going to hate myself for saying this, but I think that when women speak against these things, it makes them look weak when they are very strong women.

"You have these girls that come out, they do not even know who they are, they do it for attention.

"That is taking away the fact that it happened."

She added that she has never been sexually harassed, but that she is "very supportive of women."

Suffice it to say that the star may soon be regretting its words after receiving thousands of comments from the angry Tweeters.


TROLLED: Lindsay has provoked abuses after calling some victims #MeToo looking for attention


BACKLASH: Angry users told Lindsay that she should empower these women

A user took Twitter to write: "#MeToo does not seek attention, not even a little, it's a voice for many who did not have one at that time, but I guess when you're a care seeker, it's easier to point to the finger to one. "

Another added: "Lindsay Lohan has to take her to the trash-making her a ** hide."

Angry users recorded their comments on Lindsay, adding, "I think he would prefer that this kind of misogynistic rights continue, or it could be part of the solution instead of embarrassing other women."

While many dug in Lindsay, others shared their support for the victims of #MeToo, insisting that they do not seek attention and are strong.


CONTROVERSIAL: Lindsay has angered users for her controversial opinion

Lindsay still has to tell the thousands of trolls that have stuck on social networks, and it is not the first time that the actress faces controversy on Twitter.

People crowded to comment on their private lives, dubbing the star "a disaster" and arguing that they should not comment on a case involving women who had previously defended her when she entered rehabilitation.

She has a history of discussion controverciales problems online, turning it into a key target in waste of abuse of Twitter.