LG Wing and Velvet may receive Android 13 updates


LG’s Korean website now lists which phones the company plans to update to Android 12, along with a few devices that will even get Android 13. These upgrades will most likely come long after the company’s mobile industry leaves, as announced last week. Phone Arena saw the updated FAQ, which previously mentioned that some models would get the OS upgrade to 12.

According to the FAQ, the LG Wing and both variants of the Velvet (LTE and 5G) will get Android 13. LG also says those models, along with the V50, V50S, G8, Q31, Q52 and Q92, will be upgraded to Android 12. It company also notes that these two updates are not strictly guaranteed and are subject to product performance, product stabilization level, and Google policies.

LG Korea says an Android 11 update, already underway, is planned for the aforementioned models along with the Q61, Q70 and Q9 One. As an aside, the Q Series models sold across Europe and Asia are similar to the equivalent models sold in the US as the K Series, but are not strictly a 1: 1 match.

The availability and timing of updates will of course vary by region, but the list is a good indication of which models the company plans to prioritize. LG’s German website recently released a timetable for its Android 11 updates, most of which won’t be released until the end of 2021. The company isn’t known for its excellent track record of platform updates, but it’s encouraging to have specific model names mentioned for future upgrades.