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Levi’s and Nintendo have made super Mario-themed overalls and they are great

We are familiar with the upcoming Super Mariocollaboration between Levi and Nintendo since last week, but it was only Tuesday morning that the two companies unveiled the most beautiful brand in the collection: denim overalls.

Levi tweeted more images with the new line today, including the overalls and matching jeans from Levi. There are also some noisy shirts and shorts full of cartoon drawings Mario characters.

If you mainly wanted to view the collection last week, images of the overalls already had that began to float around the web at the time of the original announcement. But Levi made sure everyone was up to date with his tweet, which also included the release date of April 1 for the drop.

We do not have a price for one of these items; The jeans jackets of Levi tend to run between $ 50 and $ 200, while the clothing looks relatively accessible and is probably not too expensive. However, the quality of the overalls is not clear – they have a coin image on the back pocket. But maybe they are on the affordable side for all eager Mario cosplayers out there.