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Kyle Sandilands gets himself in big trouble for an offensive joke


Kyle Sandilands is in big trouble after a joke goes wrong – the DJ now faces disciplinary action: ‘beyond any reasonable measure of decency’

Kyle Sandilands breached broadcast standards by broadcasting “offensive” remarks about Paralympians, according to media censors.

The host of KIIS 106.5 will have to undergo sensitivity training after the ‘insensitive and hurtful’ remarks made during a segment in September 2021.

The Australian Communications and Media Corporation released a report on Tuesday that found the radio station had breached the code’s “fitness requirement” twice.

Kyle Sandilands has blasted a Sydney newspaper for “making up” a story about advertisers threatening to pull out of his radio programme.

During the broadcast, Sandilands said, “Have you been watching the Special Olympics?” It’s horrible some things.

Poor guy ran high jump then swerved right because he was blind and fell on his butt to the ground.

Then, when they were playing football, I thought blind people were kidding, they throw themselves on the ground like sausages to fend off the ball.

“And I think well of you, I love the pageant spirit…but I feel…Jesus Christ…that’s a lot of effort.”

The ACMA report alleged that “the Paralympians in question were being ridiculed by Mr. Sandilands, and that they were being ridiculed for the techniques used to participate and compete in their respective sport.”

The ACMA is a regular listener of the show who, although tolerant of the show’s disrespectful styles, would still be able to identify “acceptable” content in general, and who was most likely seen as a “fair target” of humor or satire in contemporary Australia. ”

Sandilands is also taken to task over comments he made about the journalist reporting the radio host’s remarks during the segment.

If you don’t have news, write about someone else who won’t follow through and chase it down and find out what really happened, because I’ve got a lot of time on my hands and a lot of money to make. “Things happen,” he said.

Get up, walk away, choose someone who doesn’t have the power to ruin your entire life. No, this is not a threat, this is a guarantee.

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