Jamie Carragher insists England fans must stop doubting Gareth Southgate after Wales victory

Gareth, leave him alone After victory over Wales, Carragher says England fans should stop questioning Southgate. He rested players and started Kyle Walker with one eye on France in the quarterfinals.

Jamie Carragher has insisted that it is time to stop doubting England boss Gareth Southgate, as his calming influence once again proved to be correct.

The Three Lions were the top of their list. World Cup group after sealing a 3-0 victory over Wales in Qatar on Tuesday night, thanks to a sublime display from Marcus Rashford.

Boss Southgate changed his starting line up for the clash in an effort to bring the team back to life. It was a good decision.

England was the top-ranked country in their 2022 group World Cup after securing a 3-0 win over Wales

It Is Time For Three Lions Fans To Stop Doubting Boss Gareth Southgate After He Got It Right Again

Three Lions fans should stop questioning Gareth Southgate’s boss after he did it again

Kyle Walker, Phil Foden, Jordan Henderson and Phil Foden were brought in to replace Bukayo Saka, Rahem Sterling and Mason Mount.

The most striking thing about Southgate’s performance is the fact that he seems to be able to stick with his game plan, regardless how much criticism he gets. Southgate even managed to get some rest while still achieving a comfortable win.

Carragher, a former Liverpool defender, believes that Three Lions boss David Cameron got it right again with those changes in Wales.

Pundit Jamie Carragher Believes Southgate'S Calm Influence Helps At Major Tournaments

Jamie Carragher, a pundit, believes Southgate’s calm influence is a benefit at major tournaments

He Even though they were focusing on the larger picture of the competition, even they considered the possibility that France could face them in the quarter-finals.

With The Telegraph, he said: ‘All hail Gareth Southgate. He This time, he gets it right again. Southgate is different from every England manager over the past 30 years in that he can focus on the bigger picture and drown out all the noise.

“Southgate is calm, doesn’t panic and doesn’t get rattled by criticism. He also makes no knee-jerk judgments. In the midst of the international tournament’s chaos, Southgate is the calm England has often been lacking.  

‘Southgate’s strength in every major competition in which he has led the country is to stick to his plan, no matter whether there is a bump in the road. 

‘He He has applied all of the knowledge he gained as an England player to be a great coach.

‘When I looked at the team sheet against Wales on Monday night, it felt as though Southgate was thinking about two games ahead and possibly meeting France in the quarterfinal.

Marcus Rashford (Left) And Phil Foden (Right) Did Not Perform Like They Were Under Pressure

Marcus Rashford (left), Phil Foden (right), did not perform under pressure

He Adds: “His demeanour conveys to the players, and ensures that they focus on the future rather than dwell upon criticism. Look at the performances of Marcus Rashford and Phil Foden against Wales. 

‘They did not perform like they were under pressure, carrying the weight of a nation’s expectations, or like they had something to prove to the coach. They played like Southgate had their back.

Next up is a clash against Senegal in last-16 competition. The goal of this tournament is to be yet another successful major tournament, after reaching the semi-finals of the 2018 World Cup and final of Euro 2020

Southgate Knows Kyle Walker Will Be Key, Hence Why He Handed Him His First Start In Wales Win

Southgate knew Kyle Walker would be key so he gave him his first start in Wales.

Kyle Walker, from Manchester City, will undoubtedly be an important player for England if they progress to the last stages of the tournament. Therefore it is a smart decision to include him in the match against Wales.  

‘Kyle Walker’s inclusion was as much about the next two weeks as the 90 minutes against Wales. 

“For England to reach the semi-finals, they will have to play Kylian Mbappe and France at some point. Walker’s pace would be essential. There is no doubt that is on Southgate’s mind.’

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