Ivacy VPN-Great Value For Only $0.99/Month ( 2020 Review )

VPNs have been around for almost two decades now. In the beginning, they were used as tools to unblock restricted content around the world. VPNs masks users’ location making it look like as they are present in a different location altogether. This enables them to gain access to websites that are otherwise geographically restricted to a specific area.

These days, VPNs are being used increasingly to hide IP addresses, which are public by default, because otherwise, they make users vulnerable to cybercrimes. Malware including ransomware, DDoS, Man-in-the-middle and phishing are just some attacks that individuals and organizations face around the world. These activities are causing trillions of dollars’ worth of damages each year. 

How Ivacy fares on some important metrics?

If you were to search for a VPN on Google, there’ll be hundreds of options to choose from. With these many choices, how do you pick one? Well, it is important to rate the VPN on a few crucial indicators. In this review, we analyze how Ivacy VPN, an industry veteran fares on the metrics which are of significance when selecting a VPN:


This is one of the top concerns of this decade. Data breaches have become so common that hardly anyone is safe from them. From large multinational corporations to a random individual sitting at home, everyone has faced a data hack of some kind comprising sensitive information about them. VPNs were originally designed to check cyber-attacks and therefore, this is the most crucial factor to judge any service on.

Ivacy fares quite well on this front. It provides up to 256-bit end-to-end encryption which is the highest level available so far. Then, it has a strict zero-logging policy with no hidden loopholes. There are some advanced encryption protocols too which help users create an even more secure layer of protection around their data. Coupled with this Ivacy has dedicated public Wi-Fi security protocols and an Internet Kill Switch to shut off the internet when the VPN stops functioning.

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Many of us don’t believe a VPN is worth making an investment on. Even if we need a VPN, we just resort to using the ones available for free online. These services unfortunately are not as reliable as they may seem. VPNs these days are available at nominal prices and the best ones continuously offer significant price cuts to help users buy subscriptions for their own good. 

Ivacy has some of the most competitive prices when it comes to the packages it offers. The monthly package starts at $9.95 which is pretty standard. The next option you can get is a yearly bundle that offers a saving of 67% and costs just $3.33 a month. You are looking at a subscription that costs $40 for the whole year. There is also a five-year plan which is just $0.99/Month if you are willing to make that long of a commitment.  


We understand that the primary usage of a VPN has changed, but time and time again, it is required to access blocked content from around the world. This is especially true for streaming services these days because these platforms block certain content in different countries. This is not fair especially when your favorite show is not available in your country of residence.

ivacy vpn

Ivacy has a number of features that cater to the entertainment needs of its audience too. It comes with the Smart Purpose Selection feature that helps you pick the fastest available server. It has a specific option for streaming platforms like Netflix and this optimizes the service to be at its best for this purpose. It also offers unlimited bandwidth and IP address maskings which defeats ISP throttling.


People these days are becoming increasingly tech-savvy. Most of us carry at least two devices with us on average. This is why a VPN has to offer protection for all devices through dedicated applications for

different platforms. Also, having to buy a new subscription for each device is not a feasible thing to do so multi-logins are a definite feature for VPNs to have. 

Once again, we are glad to report that Ivacy doesn’t disappoint on this front either. The application is available for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, Blackberry, Raspberry Pi, Xbox, PS3, and PS4. That’s not it because you can also install Ivacy for your smart TV or directly on the Wi-Fi router. An add-on is also available for the streaming service Kodi.

Value for money

Since free VPNs have been ruled out due to the potential loopholes they have, paid VPNs are the only options left. However, how to determine that the service will offer our money’s worth?. Online reviews are crucial in this regard because they provide mostly unbiased opinions about the service overall and its specific features. 

For the prices at which Ivacy is available especially the yearly package, we would say that it is definitely worth the meager $40 price. It is always better to play safe than sorry because having data stolen can lead to severe financial difficulties. Also, there are features that help stream content from anywhere in the world. All this together makes Ivacy a good investment


Users frequently complain that a VPN messes up the speed of an internet connection and this is true at times. Slow internet is an inconvenience and it dissuades many people from using a VPN in the first place. Also, if you pay for a VPN and then it slows down your internet, it would be the biggest regret of your life. 

ivacy speed graph

We tested Ivacy speeds on various servers The results were not just fast but consistent. This is helpful not just when streaming or downloading movies but during normal browsing too. Ivacy recently won the ‘Best Speed’ award from BestVPN.com beating out some other leading names in the industry. It does provide a great experience in this domain then.


Ivacy has a few shortcomings like no free trial nor a 30-day money-back guarantee that comes with strings attached but overall, it is one of the most comprehensive services available. It is definitely worth the price of admission.