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Is filmmaker’s depiction a dream or a nightmare? Either way, it’s scarily realistic.


Your face stares at you in the bathroom mirror. The laundry basket behind you feels familiar, but you have no idea where you are.

You drop a two-headed toothbrush into the glass of the sink, it clanks against the sides and slides next to a pair of scissors. On the shelf above are your pulled teeth.

The images fade as you fade from your sleep, a faceless woman, a child bound in police tape and a collection of VHS tapes appear and pass quickly.

What the hell was that dream about?

A filmmaker has created hauntingly realistic depictions of dreams by trying to simulate the bizarre way billions of people see hallucinations every night.

Steal Adcock’s terrifying ‘realistic’ portrayal gives a first-person perspective on what a dream – or a nightmare – can look like, with all the ‘strange’ and ‘nonsensical’ things that people can experience.

The American filmmaker is known for producing simulation videos on his YouTube channel ‘HandintheBoxInc’. His most popular video is a simulation of sleep paralysis, which has been viewed more than 113,000 times.

There’s nothing unusual here… just brush your teeth with a double-ended toothbrush

Here we go!  You put the toothbrush back in the glass on the sink.

Oh... and here are your teeth on the shelf, arranged in a neat little circle.  All completely normal.

Filmmaker Steal Adcock’s bizarre film mimics the strange and often confusing mix of things people experience during a dream…or is it more of a nightmare?

Some of his latest projects include ‘symbolic’ dream simulations, a ‘false awakening’ simulation and nightmares involving a dentist, a car accident and fishing.

Created during Mr. Adcock’s school, college and graduation years, the films are confusing, colorful and sometimes stressful, just like real dreams.

The description on the Channel page reads: ‘Truth hidden behind comfortable veil. Expectations falsified, fantasies emphasized.

“It’s common to think outside the box, but wonder what’s inside. Our films take people to places they never dreamed of. You never know what you’ll get out of the box.’

However, it is this particular video that wowed viewers, who labeled it as “super realistic.”

d the ‘super realistic’.

The eerie images depict a person leaving from the bathroom and slowly making his way into a “pit of darkness.”

The person, played by Mr. Adcock himself, then ends up in a forest and later ends up in a strange tunnel.

Throughout the clip is the creepy sight of a young girl named Jayda who is tied up in police tape one minute and traveling upside down in a moving wheelchair the next.

Despite the random nature of the simulation, viewers have said it “depicts the messy, almost claustrophobic nature of dreams.”

Before waking up, the terrifying vision of a child bound in police tape comes to mind

Before waking up, the terrifying vision of a child bound in police tape comes to mind

You search through a series of books and find an old VHS cassette, which turns into torn paper

You search through a series of books and find an old VHS cassette, which turns into torn paper

One viewer wrote, “Every time I think about the dreams I had I always feel like they are claustrophobic and this mimics it damn well. Well done.’

Another added, “Bro, this is super realistic, I didn’t even think anyone could reproduce what it’s like to be in a dream.”

A third said, “Can my dream at all relate to this video. The way it moves from one scene to another, skipping some moments. It really is a beautiful and scary version of a dream. Good job.’

Another commenter said, “I had to laugh for the first few seconds because I never really knew how others experience dreams, but this is literally a perfect example of how I experience them.

A faceless creature emerges through the haze in your mind... what the hell does it mean?

A faceless creature emerges through the haze in your mind… what the hell does it mean?

“Just jumping from one thing to another, confusing everything as hell when I try to remember what happened after I woke up. Super entertaining.’

However, not everyone agreed with these assessments, with several people noting how frightening the simulation was.

One said ‘Bruhhhh if your dreams are like this I wouldn’t even go to sleep lmaoo (sic)’

Another said, “This is terrifying, whose dream is this?!”

Someone else joked, “That’s not a dream, that’s a nightmare.”

According to sleep researcher J. Allan Hobson, there are five basic characteristics of a typical dream, which seem to match Adcock’s simulation.

Professor Hobson, an American psychiatrist known for his research on Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, outlined these characteristics in his 1988 book The Dreaming Brain.

He wrote that dreams are often accompanied by intense emotions, are often disorganized and illogical, that strange content is accepted without question, that people often experience bizarre sensations – and, crucially, they are difficult to remember.

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