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Iran’s Top Tourist Attractions in Iran

Iran’s Top Tourist Attractions in Iran

There is this proverb in Farsi that says: the more you travel, the wiser you become. And a wise person knows that the reality of every land lies within it, not in the hubbubs of the propagandas! 

A good way to have a walkthrough of these lies and hubbubs is traveling to those lands. Then you will see how much they are close or far from the given pictures in the news. This is what we try hard to tell the world: that Iran is not a dangerous place, nor it is a dry abandoned one.


This article particularly wishes to portray the real picture of Iran that has been under harsh propaganda. We are going to describe the beauties and marvels of Iran destinations: the cities, their nature, historical sites, and hangouts. 

So, if you have ever thought of traveling to Iran by yourself or on an Iran tour, you know what to expect and where to go.

In case you hold on a guard against Iran, forget it for a while, and read to the end of the article. In the end, think twice about your thoughts. We are sure you have already changed your mind!

Where Is Iran?

Iran is a country right in the heart of the Middle East. Once it was called Persia. Guess you have heard about the Persian Emperor from 2500 years ago…  not interested in history? What about the Persian cat? Or the Persian carpet

And if you are interested in paintings and visual arts, surely you have heard about Persian blue. If you are fond of the nation’s cuisine, there is no doubt you know Saffron which is a unique and expensive Iranian souvenir. It is derived from a flower in Iran. We will talk about all of these here. Above all, what we talk about proudly is the famous Iranian hospitality. We dare to claim that we are number one in this item. That’s why Iran is heaven for tourists. 

Why Should You Visit Iran?

Generally speaking, for the same reason that any traveler would visit anywhere in the world: for having a nice time during your vacation and visiting a new place. But to make it specific, because Iran destinations are various and they can satisfy anybody with any taste. Ancient and historical sightseeing, natural wonders of any kind, fantastic artistic structures, and also delicious Persian food are some of Iran’s attractions.

Besides, the value of Iran’s currency has decreased drastically in recent years. So, traveling to Iran would be one of the cheapest journeys in the world. Yet, don’t worry! This does not mean that the tourism services are low-level and unacceptable. The accommodation, communication facilities, food, and transportation are at the level of European standards. Also, Iran has been announced as a high-security country. Then, why should you not think of traveling to Iran? 

How Safe Is Iran?

A quick search of Iran’s crime rate ranking shows that Iran is among the safest destinations for tourists, either domestic or foreign. There would be no sudden assault, kidnapping, or else. Police observe everywhere comprehensively. 

Besides, the locals are caring people and watch over their neighborhood. At night, the streets are safe. In big cities, nightlife has become a recreational habit for people. Does this mean you face no threat? Nobody can say there is no threat and danger at all. Of course, you must take care of yourself and your belongings as you do in your place and in other countries. In your search results, you do encounter many solo female travelers that have talked positively of their safety in Iran.

Is It Expensive to Travel to Iran?

Iran has been under harsh sanctions for decades. That’s why Iran’s currency value has had a descending slope through the years. So, when you travel to Iran with a currency like the Dollar, Euro, or else it is definitely affordable for you. 

Due to With these monetary changes, we can not say exactly how much it costs to travel to Iran. But considering the type of your trip from a low-budget to a luxury one, it would cost about 80 to 250 USD.


Another important point to consider is none of the international credit cards work in Iran. Since it is almost impossible to pay all your trip expenses in cash, Iran designed a credit card specifically for foreign tourists, called Mathcad. Upon your arrival in Iran, you register for this card and its representative will exchange your cash with the credit card. 

How Should I Apply for An Iran Visa?

First of all, check if you need to get an Iran visa. There is a list of countries that can enter Iran without a visa. Anyway, if you should get one, you can have it in two ways: get an Iran visa in advance or take a visa on arrival (VoA). 

Applying for An Iran Visa in Advance: 

It is clear that you should ask for an Iran visa before your trip. You can do it by yourself in an Iran embassy/ consular office or choose an Iran tour so they pursue the process for you. It takes about 2 days to 2 months, depending on various factors.

Getting an Iran Visa on Arrival:

If you have suddenly decided to visit Iran or you didn’t want to wait for the normal and long process of getting a visa in advance, you can take the risk and ask for it at an Iran international airport. If you observe dome qualifications, there is a high chance that you get it. Note that citizens of the US, UK, and Canada can not apply through this method.

Why Is It Better to Take an Iran Tour?

There is no persuasion to take an Iran tour. You may prefer traveling alone or want to reduce your trip expenses or for some other reason. By the way, there are Iran tour packages that won’t interfere with your preferences while they etch your Iran journey in mind. 

Some Iran tours are not just fixed itineraries that take you from one destination to another sightseeing regardless of your interests. There are tour packages designed specifically for low-budget travelers or solo travelers. In these cases, some of the regular services are omitted to conform the tour package to the traveler’s taste. This, they can visit Iran as they wish and meanwhile benefit from an Iran travel agency assistance.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Iran?

Before answering, let’s see what the natural features of Iran are. Iran is located between two sees in the north and the South. The Caspian Sea in the north and the Persian Gulf in the south provide kilometers of brilliant see shores for any visitors. The western and northern regions are mountainous with dense forests around them. And in the center of Iran is its famous deserts. 

These varieties of Iran’s natural resources caused an outstanding characteristic of this land. All 4 seasons are available in Iran at the same time! It is a cold and freezing winter in the west with mountains covered with snow. 

Meanwhile, the Persian Gulf beaches are warm like spring and people are wearing summer outfits. This contradiction happens in many forms in different regions of Iran. Sometimes the weather diversities can be seen in just two hours of driving in a single region. 

So, we can say it is always a good time to visit Iran. On hot days, we have cool resorts. And on cold days we have both ski resorts as well as warm beaches. The mountains in Iran welcome mountaineers almost throughout the year.

Iran’s Natural Attractions:

Deserts, forests and jungles, mountains, and seas all together have caused a miraculous variation in Iran’s climate. These options have led Iran travel agencies to prepare Iran tours just for wandering the nature of Iran.

Iran desert

Iran desert tours take the visitors to surf the vast deserts in the center, the wonders only found there, and the way people have learned to cope with living there through centuries. 

Iran hiking and trekking tours present the mountains to the interested hikers. The alpine-style mountaineering in Ira means almost everyone can ascend the summits. The highest peak in the Middle East, Mount. Damavand is near Tehran the capital. It is more affordable and accessible than similar ones in other countries. 

The Persian Gulf in the south and its magical islands are yet to be known to the world. The Star Valley, the Silver Sands Shore, dancing dolphins of Hengam Island, and many more natural wonders would surprise any visitor.

Iran’s Historical Attractions:

The oldest archeological findings in the land of Iran are about 7000 years old. There have been several civilizations remaining in different regions. Some of them are still alive like the Meymand region in the southeast. The prototype of Iran’s historical background is Persepolis from 2500 years back. Among these historical buildings and cities, 24 are registered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Isfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz are at the pinnacle of Iran’s historical attractions. Most of these remaining are located in these cities. 

Iran’s Architecture 

The diverse weather has shown itself in Iranian architecture. The material found in the place of living was used to build houses and structures. They are now the testimony the Iranian are genuine in overcoming the wild nature. 

Stone palaces over hills in the rainy north, adobe houses in the desert city of Yazd, the smart underground water system, Qanat, in this city, the stepped villages in the valleys of the western mountains are architectural masterpieces. Many of them still have inhabitants.

Besides nature, the religious lifestyle has had a great influence on Iranian architecture. The most beautiful buildings are from the 7th century. Great mosques, grand bazaars, public schools, and baths are now galleries to show the Persian artistic taste in architecture. The Persian blue is a blue used in Iranian mosques tiles. The paintings on these tiles resemble the heavens. 

Iran’s Art: 

Aside from the architecture, many fantastic souvenirs of Iran is aged arts and crafts that have been reached these modern days through centuries. Pottery, enamels, inlays, miniature paintings, and above all the Persian carpets are some famous examples. 

What is the most popular Iran tour?

What do you think about Iran now? Is it tempting enough to think another way about this country? The hidden gems are far more than you think. And, you do need a guide to get the most of it on your trip. A good Iran tour would take you to the heart of Iran vibe.

Types of Iran Tours

The variety of Iran tours is such that you can find one that suits the best with your needs, limitations, and taste. 

Iran Cultural Tours: 

These tours pass through the main tourist route of Iran. It starts from Tehran towards the south. Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz are on this route. Many historical, natural, and cultural moments are designed for the tour package. 

Iran Luxury Tours:

As is seen from the title, these tours are the most expensive ones. An attractive 24/7 guide and the highest quality of services are waiting for you. 

Iran Budget Tours: 

These tours again cover the main tourist route. But the accommodation and other services are cheaper but acceptable. It is affordable and suitable especially for those who want to go around the world but do not limit themselves to the highest quality of services.

Iran Desert Tours: 

A trip to the mesmerizing land of sands and silence, to soothe your mind in the very nature, ride camels, sleep under a clear sky and see how dwellers have won over the harsh nature.

Iran Tailor-made Tours: 

None of these tours have satisfied you? Contact your chosen travel agency and arrange an itinerary that is coordinated with your plans and interests

Iran Top Destinations

Iran is the land of beauties, untold stories, and unknown treasures. You can visit Iran by yourself or take a tour package. In both cases the hospitable locals welcome you. If you travel on a tour, you have peace of mind for communicating with the locals and the services you need to get.

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