A new range of iPhones comes with a new Ultra Wide camera lens and a brand new chip that makes the phone faster and more energy efficient

Apple's new & # 39; budget & # 39; iPhone: $ 699 iPhone 11 and comes with an ultra-wide camera and the & # 39; fastest chip ever in a smartphone & # 39;

  • The iPhone 11 debuts at $ 699 and comes with an array with two cameras & # 39; s
  • A new Ultra-Wide camera provides & # 39; Night Mode & # 39; and larger photos & # 39; s
  • The Ultra-Wide lens captures & # 39; four times more scene & # 39; Apple says
  • A brand new chip makes the phone faster and more efficient
  • It lasts another hour longer than the iPhone XR

Apple unveiled the next-generation iPhone on Tuesday, including a slightly more affordable basic model that comes with a new camera, chip and the fastest performance to date.


The iPhone 11, which costs $ 699, will be available for pre-order from September 13 and will be available in stores from Friday, September 20.

One of the striking features is a new ultra-wide lens added to the rear-facing camera module of the phone.

The new camera has a field of view of 120 degrees and allows users to take photos with a greater depth of field and range.

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A new range of iPhones comes with a new Ultra Wide camera lens and a brand new chip that makes the phone faster and more energy efficient


A new range of iPhones comes with a new Ultra Wide camera lens and a brand new chip that makes the phone faster and more energy efficient


The new iPhone 11 from Apple offers several improvements over its predecessor, including:

– A new chip. The A13 Bionic is faster and more efficient, which means the battery lasts an hour longer than the iPhone XR.

– A new Ultra Wide camera. With a new camera, users can take wider pictures & # 39; s and & # 39; Night mode & # 39; for photography in low light.

– Slow motion video. The front camera can now record 4K video at 60 frames per second. This allows users to film slow motion video.


According to Apple, that greater range makes it possible to capture four times more scenes.

This is especially useful for landscape photos & # 39; s, the company says, and is & # 39; great for short spaces where you can't back up & # 39 ;.

The ultra-wide lens is powered by new software that allows users to seamlessly switch between normal and wide modes, widening their field of view by simple sweeping.

A wider sensor also allows the phone to absorb more light and paves the way for a long-desired low-light night mode setting.

It also achieves 2x optical zoom and a compelling camera interface & # 39; with which users can see and capture the area outside the image.


Like the more expensive Pro models that are also released on Tuesday, the iPhone 11 uses machine learning to get the most out of its image processing capabilities, and features multi-scale tone mapping and portrait lighting effects.

All three cameras on the phone, including a forward-facing lens, are 12 megapixels and can record 4K video.

In particular, Apple has added slow motion capabilities to the forward-facing lens, which can record video & # 39; s at 60 frames per second.

To help process clearer and larger images of the phone and to process high-resolution gaming on Apple's new gaming service, Apple Arcade, the phone uses a new A13 Bionic chip, which Apple says is the & # 39; fastest CPU ever in a smartphone is & # 39 ;.

& # 39; iPhone 11 is the next generation iPhone, packed with amazing new features in an incredible design, including new Ultra Wide and Wide cameras for beautiful videos & photos, power and power ease of use of iOS 13 and A13 Bionic – the fastest chip ever in a smartphone that quickly handles the tasks that are most important to people every day, "said Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing


The A13 Bionic chip provides better image processing and allows all iPhone 11 models to run high-resolution games offered through Apple Arcade.

In addition to increasing the speed of the phone, Apple says the new chip is also more efficient than its predecessor.

It reaches an hour more battery life than the iPhone Xr, which was said to be the & # 39; longest battery life ever & # 39; when it was released last year.

According to Apple, the phone's chip can process 1 trillion edits per second.


Apple will also unlock a much faster process with FaceID.

The phone is also available in various new colors, including purple, green, yellow, black, white and & # 39; Product Red & # 39; and is water resistant up to two minutes at a depth of up to two meters.

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