Inside abandoned resort on South Molle Island, Whitsundays after cyclone renders it a wasteland

Once hailed as a lavish paradise destination, one resort on a tropical Whitsundays island is the scene of a desolate wasteland.

At least half of the resorts on Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef Island closed their doors after Cyclone Debbie battered the shores in 2017, rendering them unviable.

Aussie traveler Jasmine Dyduła was vacationing in the Whitsundays with her family when they sailed to deserted South Molle Island.

Ms. Dyduła shared a video on TikTok on Friday showing the abandoned resort on the north side of the island in Bauer Bay.

Ms. Dydula, along with her sister and her mother, explored the ruins of the resort despite the island’s “creepy vibe.”

South Molle Island was once one of Queensland’s most popular holiday destinations, but after being devastated by Cyclone Debbie in 2017, it has become a desolate wasteland

The video shows the resort’s empty dining room with missing ceiling, walls and windows, a green pool covered in debris and dilapidated rooms.

‘The pool is actually a breeding ground for frogs. It’s all full of cane toads and it smells so bad,’ Mrs. Dydula said.

South Molle Island seems to be returning to nature with the resort littered with rubble and slowly overgrown by tropical plants.

Ms Dydula said her family vacationed on the island nearly 30 years ago, but the resort is now “completely overgrown with foliage.”

Her mother, Viv, explained that the resort’s rooms were all two stories, but the powerful Category Four cyclone tore the top level of each room.

“I think with the palm trees and clear water it would have made for such a nice vacation,” said Ms. Dydula.

Viv points to a “brand new” pier that she says was built by “Chinese company” that bought the island.

“It’s very possible that they’re going to rebuild the whole resort and it could be a fantastic new resort,” said Viv.

Aussie Traveler Jasmine Dyduła Explored The Deserted Island With Her Mother And Sister. Images Show The Green Pool Of The Abandoned Resort, Which Has Become A Breeding Ground For Frogs

Aussie traveler Jasmine Dyduła explored the deserted island with her mother and sister. Images show the green pool of the abandoned resort, which has become a breeding ground for frogs

The Resort'S 200 Two-Story Rooms Were Destroyed By The Cyclone, With The Entire Top Floor Ripped Away By The Category Four Storm

The resort’s 200 two-story rooms were destroyed by the cyclone, with the entire top floor ripped away by the Category Four storm

The video has been viewed more than 200,700 times and received more than 300 comments, with many former guests stating that the state of the resort is “sad.”

“So sad, I was the general manager a little over 20 years ago. I lived on the top floor which is now missing. Used to have a Polynesian night every Friday,” one wrote.

Another commented, ‘Aww that’s so sad was the best place to stay.’

“Omg, I’m gutted to see how bad this looks right now. We went every year when my kids were little,” said a third.

South Molle had one 200-room resort and featured a nine-hole golf course when it was established in 1937.

The island has over 10 miles of island hiking trails and most of them are part of the protected Molle Islands National Park.

Category Four Cyclone Debbie Devastated The Island Just A Few Months After Ccig Purchased The Resort, Leaving The Island In Disrepair

Category Four Cyclone Debbie devastated the island just a few months after CCIG purchased the resort, leaving the island in disrepair

In the 1980s, the resort was owned by the now-defunct Australian airline Ansett, before Queensland businessman Craig Ross bought the island into receivership and established it as a backpackers resort in the early 2000s.

Shanghai-based China Capital Investment Group (CCIG) took ownership in 2016.

The group purchased South Molle Island for a reported $25 million, just over a year after purchasing the nearby Daydream Island Resort and Spa.

They planned to renovate the resort before a Category Four Cyclone Debbie devastated the island, just a few months after the company purchased the resort.

While CCIG has begun an $86 million renovation on nearby Daydream Island, which it also owns, South Molle remains closed and in disrepair as of 2019, with the redevelopment still “a few years away.”

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Tourism Whitsundays for comment.

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