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Inscryption, the card-battling roguelike, comes to Mac and Linux

One of the best games of last year, encryption, has been released on Mac and Linux after previously being available exclusively for Windows PCs, its director Daniel Mullins has announced. encoding is a roguelike, card-fighting card game, but with a fantastically dark and mysterious meta-story that elevates it from “interesting” to “utterly captivating”. Both my colleague Ash Parrish and our friends at polygon chose it as their game of the year for 2021.

encoding is not a particularly graphically intensive game, and the system requirements listed on the Steam page are not very heavy. This means you shouldn’t have any trouble running it on relatively recent MacBooks, but be sure to check the specifics of your machine before making a purchase.

“Usually Unity makes Mac/Linux ports pretty straightforward, but because of the sheer size and craziness of Inscryption, there were plenty of platform-specific bugs to work out,” the game notes. update notes for its Mac and Linux releases. “Huge thanks to Ryan Lee (@belbeeno) who single-handedly destroyed these bugs. And thank you to the beta testers who played and reported on the Mac and Linux versions!” The game is available on Steam for both platforms. I hope console ports aren’t too far behind.

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