India vs England: retire Alastair Cook thanks Jasprit Bumrah for overthrowing

India vs England: Retiring Alastair Cook Thanks Jasprit Bumrah For Overthrow

"I remember cutting it for 97 thinking there were three more left, just when he (Bumrah) let it go, I thought, wait a minute, he's thrown that pretty hard." As soon as I saw Ravi (Jadeja) in No side near him I thought "wait a minute … wait a minute".

"Look – that (the overthrow) saved me a lot of pain." He (Bumrah) also caused me a lot of pain in this series. "For him to give me that little moment there, I'll thank him for a while," Cook said.

"Then obviously it blew up, Joe (Root) did not say anything, he was just saying" wow. "He was just smiling, I think he was telling me to take it in. The ovation was just amazing, that's probably the only one I really took in. account and I thought – "Wow." Then, obviously, the last 10 minutes were also special today, "he added.

The starter had only managed 109 runs in seven innings earlier in the series, and said the century alone confirmed his decision to retire. Cook also scored 71 in the first chance, his first half-century since scoring against Pakistan at the start of this English summer.

Cook said that the reception since his retirement announcement has been surreal and that he is simply grateful to have gone out to the party.

"I can not really describe the emotions I've felt in recent days, it's been the most surreal four days of my life, because of everything that happened today, and for every reception I've had in the last four days. Even that last couple of overs, when the whole crowd sang my song & # 39; Barmy Army & # 39 ;, was incredibly special, "said Cook.

"From a purely selfish point of view, I could not have asked for a better week, but there have been bigger things, in more important games, that have meant more … On a purely emotional level, with many of my friends and family here, the Alice's grandfather here, my mom and dad, Alice's mom and dad, most of the Bedfordshire farmers (their friends) too.

"In a way, everyone said that the pressure will not work, but it was one of those weeks when every reception I have, then not going and doing nothing, leaving early, has brought me a different type of pressure. and having a day like that, after another 160 games, is a good way to do it, "he added.

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