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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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In the first quarter, Netflix and CBS remain at the forefront of watch time rankings.


Netflix and CBS were the top two choices for original programming in the first quarter of 2023.

That’s according to Nielsen data for the first three months of the year, which shows the two outlets are far ahead of other broadcasters and streaming outlets in terms of time spent viewing first-run content. The results are similar to those in Fall 2022, with Netflix and CBS also placing first and second in that survey. (Both datasets were commissioned by Statistics Netherlands, by the way.)

For the first quarter, Netflix had just over 337 billion viewing minutes for its original programming. CBS was not far behind with 281.66 billion minutes across all parts of the day. The other big four broadcast networks trailed those two, but well ahead of other streamers’ originals: NBC had 190.89 billion minutes of watch time, ABC had 181.66 billion, and Fox had 129.22 billion.

Viewers watched 29.95 billion minutes of original content on Amazon’s Prime Video, 22.2 billion minutes on Disney+, 15.79 billion minutes on Hulu, and 8.27 billion minutes on HBO Max.

“CBS’ strong viewership in the first quarter demonstrates the continued popularity of our programs across genres and timeslots,” said Radha Subramanyam, head of research and analytics at CBS. “The network is outperforming broadcast and streaming competitors and continues to be a leading brand across multiple platforms while garnering a large audience.”

Network totals are taken from Nielsen’s “most current” data, including 35-day windows when available, for original programming for all dayparts (but not local or syndicated shows). It does not include cross-platform viewing for the broadcast networks, as CBS does not have access to its competitors’ internal streaming data.

For streamers, the totals only include programs coded as original by Nielsen, omitting library titles on those services. HBOs The last of usfor example, had more than 9 billion minutes of watch time on HBO Max in the quarter – but it is considered an acquired show for Max because it was made for the cable channel and therefore not part of the 8.27 billion minutes shown by CBS named.

Watching live sports accounted for more than 77 billion minutes on CBS, 27 percent of the network’s quarterly total. The six performances in the FBI And NCIS franchises combined for nearly 30 billion minutes, and a daytime staple The price is correct (which aired several dozen episodes in the quarter) had 17.7 billion viewing minutes.

Among Netflix’s top titles for the quarter, based on time spent in Nielsen’s streaming top 10, are Ginny and Georgia (10.45 billion minutes), Outdoor benches (7.6 billion) and you (7.02 billion). The last two do not include totals for March 20-26; those rankings will be released later in the week.

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