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Illinois: How to Vote, Where to Vote and What’s on the Ballot

People in Illinois will vote Tuesday in primaries for the Senate, the House and the governor, among others. The results will help set up the general election, which will help determine which party controls Congress over the next two years.

Not sure if you can vote? Can’t find your ballot? Have your ballot but don’t know where to send it?

Here’s a handy, last-minute guide to get you through Election Day.

Not registered to vote? Do not worry. In Illinois, voter registration never closes, according to Matt Dietrich, an election council spokesman. You can walk into a polling station and register to vote until the polls close, he said.

The deadline for applying for a ballot was June 23. If you haven’t received it yet, you can sign an affidavit at your polling station and get a personal ballot instead.

Ballot papers must be stamped no later than Election Day and received within two weeks of Election Day.

On Election Day, polling stations open at 6am and close at 7pm. You can look up your polling station here

Do you want to hand in a ballot paper? Find a list of dropbox locations at this website

There are overcrowded Republican primaries for Senate and Governor all over the state, and almost every congressional district has a Democratic or Republican primaries.

To see what’s on your ballot, the Electoral Council recommends that you contact your local electoral authority; there is a list available here† But this website can be a faster and easier way to see the races listed on your ballot.

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