Humberside Police were looking for Robert Rimmer. Admirers left comments that they found’stunning’

A highly sought after man! Police hunting drug suspects are inundated with messages from swooning fans after posting ‘stunning’ mugshot

  • Fans flood police appeal with comments about ‘handsome’ criminal
  • Humberside Police are looking for 36-year-old Robert Rimmer.
  • Some eager-eyed women commented on the criminal’s toned and tanned body.
  • The officers are eager to speak to him about drug offenses in Yorkshire.



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Women in love flooded a police appeal with a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčinappropriate messages involving a wanted criminal the public should not go near.

Humberside Police released an appeal along with a mugshot, which drew hundreds of comments from fans about Robert Rimmer as a wanted suspect.

While the police may have been hoping to find useful and important information about his whereabouts, they were up against a fan club of admirers.

Many women stated that they may not tell the police where the criminal is if they find out about his tanned and toned physique.

Many Fans Filled The Police Appeal With Inappropriate Comments About Robert Rimmer'S Physique

Many fans filled the police appeal with inappropriate comments about Robert Rimmer’s physique

Minutes after CheshireLive published an article about Rimmer this morning, a reader commented that it described him as “impressive”.

Many said they want to find the man before the police do and would not mind finding him first.

One woman wrote: ‘I wouldn’t mind getting close to him’ and another wrote: ‘So… handsome, gym body and his own business? Ha ha.’

A woman in love said, ‘If I find it, I can keep it, finders and keepers and all.’

Another joked: ‘He can come hide at my house no problem,’ while another Facebook user wrote: ‘Yes I see him*. I won’t let you know.

And a misty-eyed admirer added: ‘Wanted: yes, indeed. Whoops! while another offered her services to the police, saying: ‘I would help look for him.’

One woman replied: ‘I live in Hull, I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for him.’

The 36-year-old man from Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, is wanted in connection with drug-related offenses in East Yorkshire.

Some Fans Said They Were Looking Forward To Getting Involved In The Police Search.

Some Fans Said They Were Looking Forward To Getting Involved In The Police Search.

Some fans said they were looking forward to getting involved in the police search.

Louloudrops35 wrote: ‘I wouldn’t mind knowing where it is either’. This is followed by the tweeter saying that he is crazy using emoticons.

A spokesman said: “Officers are looking forward to speaking with him in connection with an ongoing investigation into drug-related crime in our area.”

“If you see him, or know where he is, please stay away from him, call us immediately on our non-emergency 101 line.”

The wanted man is said to have connections in Liverpool, Chester and Hull.

This isn’t the first time the public has highlighted and focused on a criminal’s good looks. It’s not just men who have drawn attention for their good genetics.

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