How Trump & # 39; s campaign intended to release Hillary's emails long before they turned up


Advocated guilty of false statements in December 2017. Awaiting the sentence

Flynn was President & # 39; s former National Security Advisor and the oldest scalp of Robert Mueller so far. He served earlier when he was a three star general as President Obama & # 39; s director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, but was fired.

He admitted to lying to special council investigators about his talks with a Russian ambassador in December 2016. He agreed to cooperate with the special council investigation.


Pleaded guilty of eight counts, including fraud and two violations of campaign financing in August 2018. Pleaded guilty of further counting of lying to Congress in November 2018. Sentencup to three years in prison and $ 2 million in fines and forfeits in December 2018

Cohen was investigated by Mueller, but the case was transferred to the southern district of New York, forcing the savage and fiercely independent federal prosecutors of Manhattan to settle his case.

Cohen was Trump's personal lawyer and started working for him and the Trump organization in 2007. He is the longest member of the core of Trump & # 39; s involvement in Mueller. Cohen promised unwavering dedication to Trump – and organized payments to silence two women who claimed to have sex with the then-current candidate: porn star Stormy Daniels and Playboy model Karen McDougal. He admitted that the payments to both women were crimes campaign financial offenses – and admitted that he was acting in the & # 39; direction & # 39; from & # 39; Candidate-1 & # 39 ;: Donald Trump.

He also reported tax fraud by lying about his income from loans he had made, money from taxi medallions he owned and other sources of income, for an amount of $ 1.3 million for the Treasury.

And he confessed to lying to Congress in a rare use of the violation. The judge in his case had him reported to prison on March 6 and advised him to serve him in a medium-sized security facility near New York City.

Campaign role: Paul Manafort presided over the Trump campaign for four months - including the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in 2016, where he appeared on stage alongside Trump preparing to formally accept the Republican nomination

Campaign role: Paul Manafort presided over the Trump campaign for four months - including the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in 2016, where he appeared on stage alongside Trump preparing to formally accept the Republican nomination


Found guilty of eight charges of bank and tax fraud in August 2018. Sentenced to 47 months in March 2019. Pleaded guilty of two further charges – witnessing tampering and conspiracy against the United States. Caught for a total of seven and a half years in two separate sentences. In addition, sued for mortgage fraud by Manhattan District Attorney, using evidence previously presented by Mueller

Manafort worked for the Trump campaign from March 2016 and led it from June to August 2016, overseeing Trump as a Republican candidate at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. He is the most important officer of the campaign involved with Mueller. Manafort was one of Washington DC's longest-running and most influential lobbyists, but his money disappeared in 2015 and the following year he turned to Trump for help and offered to be his campaign president for free – hoping to make more money afterwards. But Mueller settled his previous finances and discovered years of tax and bank fraud when he cashed cash from pro-Russian political parties and oligarchs in Ukraine.

Manafort did not plead guilty to 18 charges for tax and bank fraud, but was sentenced in August 2018 for eight counts. The jury was stuck on the other 10 charges. A second trial against non-registration as a foreign agent in September did not happen when he pleaded guilty to a conspiracy against the United States and witnessed a bargain with a bargain. He should collaborate with Mueller, but that didn't work.

Minutes after his second session in March 2019, he was charged with 16 cases of fraud and conspiracy by Cyrus Vance, Jr.'s district attorney, with evidence that contained documents previously presented during his first federal court case. The president has no grace over charges by district and state attorneys.


Pleaded guilty of conspiring against the United States and making false statements in February 2018. Awaiting the sentence

Gates was a former representative of Manafort at the DMP International political consultancy. He admitted to smuggling together to cheat the US government on financial activities, and to lie to investigators about a meeting Manafort had with a member of the congress in 2013. As a result of his guilty plea and pledge of cooperation, prosecutors have left charges against Gates fraud, conspiracy with bank fraud, non-disclosure of foreign bank accounts, filing false tax returns, helping prepare false tax returns and incorrectly changing tax returns.


Advocated for making false statements in October 2017. Sentenced to 14 days in September 2018, and reported to the prison in November. Served 12 days and was released on December 7, 2018

Papadopoulos was a member of Donald Trump's Advisory Committee on Foreign Policy. He admitted to lying to special council investigators about his contacts with London professor Josef Mifsud and Ivan Timofeev, the director of a think tank funded by the Russian government.

He agreed to cooperate with the investigation with special advisors.


Pleaded guilty of identity fraud in February 2018. Sentenced up to a year in prison

Pinedo is a 28-year-old computer specialist from Santa Paula, California. He admitted that on the internet he was selling bank account numbers to Russian citizens that he had obtained using stolen identities.

He agreed to cooperate with the investigation with special advisors.


Advocated for making false statements in February 2018. He served a 30-day prison sentence and was deported to the Netherlands on his release.

Van der Zwaan was a Dutch lawyer for Skadden Arps, who worked on a Ukrainian political analysis report for Paul Manafort in 2012.

He admitted that he had lied to special council investigators about when he last spoke to Rick Gates and Konstantin Kilimnik. His law firm says he was fired.


Pleaded guilty in August 2018 not to register as a lobbyist while working for a Ukrainian political party. Sentenced to three years probationary period April 2019

Patten, a long-time lobbyist at D.C., was a Paul Manafort business partner. He pleaded guilty to conceding to arranging an illegal gift of $ 50,000 to the inauguration of Trump.

He arranged for an American & # 39; straw donor & # 39; Would pay $ 50,000 to the inaugural commission, knowing that it was actually a Ukrainian businessman.

Neither the American nor the Ukrainian is mentioned.


Indicted for obstruction of justice and conspiracy to impede justice. In general, probably in Russia

Kilimnik is a former employee of Manafort's political consulting firm and has helped him with lobbying in Ukraine. He is accused of tampering with witnesses after allegedly contacting persons who had collaborated with Manafort to remind them that Manafort was only lobbying for them outside of the US.

He has been associated with Russian intelligence and is currently deemed to be in Russia, which is actually outside the scope of extradition by the Mueller team.


Twenty-five Russian citizens and three Russian entities have been charged with conspiracy to deceive the United States. They remain in Russia on a large scale

Two of these Russian citizens were also charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and 11 were charged with conspiracy to launder money. Fifteen of them were also charged with identity fraud.

Vladimir Putin has ridiculed the accusations. Russia is effectively blocking the extradition of its nationals. The only prospect Mueller has to propose an American jury is if Interpol has their names on an international stopping list – which has not been made public – and they set foot in an area that extradits to the US.


Bijan Kian (left), number two in the now disgraced former national security adviser Mike Flynn & # 39; s lobby company and two business partner Ekim Alptekin (right) were indicted for conspiracy to lobby illegally. Kian is waiting for a lawsuit, Alptekin still has to appear in court

Kian, an Iranian-American, was arrested and appeared in court accused of plotting to illegally lobby the US government without registering as a foreign agent. Their co-conspirator was Flynn, who, in the indictment & # 39; Person A & # 39; is mentioned and not accused, which provides some insight into what charges he has escaped with his plea agreement.

Kian, vice president of the former lobby company of Flynn, is said to have participated with Alptekin to try to change US policy for Fethullah Gulen, an exiled Turkish cleric who is accused in Pennsylvania by the strong president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, from trying to drop him off.

The Erdogan government wanted him extradited from the US and paid the Flynn company through Alptekin to lobby, including a lawsuit in The Hill in which G├╝len was summoned to be deported. Flynn and Kian both lied that the minister did not pay for the operation.

The indictment is a sign of Mueller's interest in more than just Russian involvement in the 2016 elections.


Roger Stone, a former Trump campaign official and long-time informal advisor to Trump, stood in seven respects including obstruction of the law, witness tampering and lying to Congress about his communication with WikiLeaks in January 2019. Awaiting the process

Stone was a person of interest to Mueller's researchers, long before his January indictment, thanks in part to his public statements and internal emails about his contacts with WikiLeks.

In campaign texts and emails, many of which had already been publicly disclosed before they appeared in Mueller & # 39; s indictment, Stone communicated with WikiLeaks partners after reports that the organization had obtained a cache of Clinton-related emails.

Stone, a former Nixon campaign advisor who has permanently tattooed the face of the unfaithful former president, has long been portrayed as a central figure in the election interference scandal, but recently told on January 4 that he was not expected to be sued.

& # 39; They have nothing, & # 39; he said about the special counsel's investigation.

According to the federal indictment, Stone & # 39; gave false and misleading & # 39; testimonials about his requests for information from WikiLeaks. He then pressured a witness, comedian Randy Credico, to accept the fifth amendment instead of testifying and pressured him into a series of e-mails. After a lengthy dispute over his testimony, he called him a & # 39; rat & # 39; and he threatened to take & # 39; that dog away from you & # 39 ;, referring to Credico & # 39; s pet, Bianca. Stone warned him: & # 39; Let's start. Prepare to die. & # 39;


Greg Craig, President of the White House of Barack Obama, was charged with not being registered as a foreign agent. The Mueller investigators revealed Craig's work on behalf of the Government of Ukraine while they were investigating Manafort, who was doing business with Craig.

Prosecutors have acquitted a large jury sued Craig in April 2019 after Craig & # 39; s law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP agreed to pay more than $ 4.6 million as part of a settlement. The leading company also acknowledged that it had not registered and largely ignored Craig, a senior partner there.

Craig's lawyer accused the decision of abusing the prosecutor's discretion, and prepared to claim that omitting information during an interview does not amount to making false statements.

The indictment stems from a 2012 report from Craig and the company produced on behalf of the Ukrainian government about opposition figures and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. She was an opponent of the client of Manafort, the former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych.