How to Shop for the Best Short Formal Dresses — 5 Valuable Tips

Usually, we think that short dresses are only good for casual parties and long evening dresses are the ones that need to be taken out of the cupboard for a high-fashion event. If chosen properly, short cocktail dresses can also be ideal for formal parties. The latest collection of short dresses 2021 features a myriad of party dresses with fitted sheath or A-line skirts and stylish necklines such as plunging V neck, one-shoulder, off-shoulder and illusion. 

Here are a few things to remember while buying short evening dresses for formal parties:

1. Length

The most important factor to keep in mind while buying short party dresses is the length. Since they are available in various lengths, mini to midi (knee-length), you must pick out the one that compliments your figure best and does not look inappropriate for the particular event. Formal events such as office parties are ideal for knee-length or midi length short dresses, which are neither too revealing nor too modest. It will be the perfect balance of sexy yet conservative, which every formal attire needs. 

Here are some amazing designer short cocktail dresses that you can try:

short cocktail dresses

2. Necklines

It goes without saying that the neckline of a dress is one of its most crucial parts. It helps to give a definite shape to your figure. Since it is a formal party, you might want to go with options like high halter, off the shoulder and bateau. These will give your attire a modest edge and needless to say, make you look extremely flattering. As previously said, the right balance is very important. Since it is a short dress and the legs will be on display, you can go fairly modest with the neckline. 

Look through these options:


3. Colour

It plays a great role in defining your attire. There is no colour chart that says what the best options are for a formal attire but the best you can do is choose solid neutrals. It’s a formal event and a business cocktail attire will look perfect in shades like white, black, grey, royal blue and so on. These are quite powerful colours that make a great impact during office parties and other such formal events because they are simple and chic at the same time. Avoid anything beaming and jarring such as sea-green, orange and yellow. Although solid neutrals are considered ideal, you can also go with prints and patterns as long as they don’t overpower your look. 

Check out these designer short formal dresses:

designer short formal dresses

4. Design 

The first thing that you need to avoid is a dress that is adorned with sparkles, fringes, sequins and bead embellishments as it does not say formal. You also need to steer clear of sheer fabrics and nets. Colour contrasting patterns (both horizontal and vertical) are quite alright. Other than that, you are free to select any print as long as there aren’t too many colours that can confuse your entire look instead of creating an interesting visual. 

Colour contrasting patterns

5. Silhouette 

When it’s a formal event, the best option will be to go with a fitted silhouette. It doesn’t flare much and also showcases your curves perfectly. Even though a midi sheath silhouette is ideal in this case, if you are bent on an A-line one, try to choose a tea-length or knee-length dress as it looks classy and sophisticated. 

Give these a try:

knee-length dress

You can also find a number of gorgeous short prom dresses and short homecoming dresses in the new collection that can invariably make you the showstopper of the upcoming school dance. All in all, the key is to look for a dress that makes you look chic and feel comfortable. 

Happy shopping!