How To Properly Maintain Your Vaping Equipment

Having a vaping device means that you want the best flavor and experience every time you use it. However, over time that may change, giving you sub-optimal experiences, which signifies that your vaping device needs maintenance.

You must frequently take good care of all the parts of your vaping device from the battery, e-liquid, and the device itself to always have the best airflow and flavor. Here are some of the ways to maintain your vaping equipment properly.

1. Cleaning

While the frequency of you cleaning your vaping device depends on how many times you use it, you should clean it weekly. That will help get rid of any dirt and buildup that may clog your device.

Also, every time a new e-juice is used in your device, you should can the tank avoid the previous flavor mixing up with the new one, which may change the flavor. Rinsing will help with that, but it is essential to soak it in alcohol occasionally for a deep clean.

If you use the same e-liquid, washing it every 1-2 weeks will do the job. It is essential to detach the e-cigarette from the tank before washing.

The coil should also be washed with alcohol. Soak them in alcohol for around 15 hours and rinse off with water under high pressure. Leave to dry and rime them before using them.

You should also check the chamber, buttons, batteries, and screens dust and other dirt deposits. However, do not dip any electronic part of your vape equipment in the water. Some signs will tell you when you must clean your vaping device.

• Signs of any buildup.

• When it’s hard for the device to produce a vapor or when the pathway looks blocked.

• When you have to pull harder for you to get the usual effect.

For more effective cleaning, you must have a cleaning kit.

2. Proper Storage

Treat your vaping device like all other electronic devices that need proper storage. Always keep it away from any moisture, water, or any other liquids. Also, please keep it away from extreme cold or heat to avoid breaking down.

Your spare batteries should be in a designated silicone or plastic container, preferably airtight. Whenever possible, always have your vaping device in an upright position when you do not use it.

3. Take Care Of The Battery

Improper battery storage and care can cost you your vaping device. An unkept battery terminal can harm your device’s performance because it prevents it from connecting correctly with the capsule or cartilage.

Occasionally wipe the connection point with a dry and clean cloth to keep it clean. Do not use water or any other cleaning solutions to clean the connection point. Also, never leave your battery until it dries completely.

Keeping it with a little amount of charge will significantly increase battery life. Finally, your battery should be kept away from high temperatures, including direct sunlight or other hot metal objects.

4. Do not Over tighten The Tank, Battery, Or Other Parts.

Most of the vaping device’s components screw together, and you should screw them only until they are secure as over-tightening any of them as it may result in permanent damage to your device.

Over tightening may strip the components threading, making it impossible to remove them or keeping them from screwing back together.

5. Do not Overfill The E-Liquid Or Let It Drop Too Low.

For tank vaporizer users, overfilling the tank can damage the device, and letting the liquids drop so low will prevent you from drawing any e-liquid into the atomizer. That can cause an unpleasant taste or burn out the atomizer.

Having a closed tank system will keep you from overfilling because the capsules and cartilages have pre-filled e-liquid. The convenient window on the capsule shell also lets you see how much e-liquid is left in the tank.

6. Proper E-Liquid Storage

For safety, keep the e-liquid cartilages or capsules away from pets and children. To have pleasant tastes for a longer time, store the e-liquids in a cool dark place, away from direct sunlight.