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How to pinch extra pennies in your 60s


How to snag extra pennies in your 60s: These are the great discounts every retiree should know–from entertainment to travel

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Turning 60 is a major milestone, so enjoy the party!

But along with the fun, make sure you take the time to take advantage of one of the major benefits of reaching your sixth decade — the sheer amount of deductions you’re suddenly entitled to.

Lots of shops and attractions offer lower prices for the over 60s – especially on weekdays – so always check the ads and, if in doubt, just ask.

If you like spending time exploring nature or old buildings, the National Trust’s senior membership is worth looking into.

It’s available to those over 60 who have been a member for at least five out of the previous ten years and lets you get 25 percent off adult rates. not bad!

A man sits on a train heading into the city.

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) also offer discounted lifetime membership if you’re over 60, with over £500 taken to the bill for individual members.

You’ll enjoy all the benefits of membership, including free access to the charity’s five wonderful gardens and 220 others managed by partner organisations.

To take advantage of all the amazing attractions you can now visit for less, you will, of course, need to travel.

Well, you’re in luck! The National Rail Over 60s Rail Pass costs £30 a year or £70 for three years and entitles you to a third of all rail fares, plus extra discounts for days out.

One of the most common benefits for seniors is bus tickets.

In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland you can get a free bus ticket once you turn 60, while in London you can travel for free on tubes and some trains too – which could save you hundreds of pounds every year.

If you’re leaving, some airlines offer special discounts for seniors — so be sure to check before you book.

Health and wellness is another area well covered by discounts, with over 60s entitled to free prescriptions and eye tests in England.

Lots of gyms and recreation centers offer lower prices for fitness classes or workout sessions too – so do your research too!

When it comes to the home, Age UK provides handyman services for seniors who need help with small hands-on jobs such as repairs and installing carbon monoxide detectors.

You will normally pay a fee, but it is usually cheaper than it would be on the open market.

And if you’re a dog owner, the Dog Trust offers 50 percent off membership for those over 60, which includes unlimited access to 24-hour emergency advice and third-party general liability insurance.

This is nothing to complain about!

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