How to find quality CBD products?

When you are searching to find the best penguin cbd product it means you have decided to use it. Or you just want to know what kind of CBD-based products are there online or in stores. Either way, we can say that you are not alone in this because most of us are turning towards CBD. In fact, CBD seems to be the solution for most of our health issues and why not give it a try. Reading for it online, asking other users, and consulting the doctor is more than enough to understand its potential.

If you did not know, CBD products are of many forms, but the majority of CBD-based products on the market come in the form of CBD oil. This is because CBD oils work better as medicine than the others. Other forms of CBD products include CBD vape, CBD creams, etc. All forms are of high-quality and contain plenty of therapeutic properties. But it is not easy to find the best one, mostly because this market is still kinda new. And there are CBD products that may contain a small percentage of THC or no THC at all. Another thing you should keep in mind is that CBD oil is different from hemp oil.

What is hemp and why is it legal?

Above we mentioned hemp or industrial hemp and its derivatives which can be hemp oil or CBD oil. Hemp is a legal Cannabis Sativa strain well-known for the ability to obtain a high percentage of CBD. In addition to that, hemp may contain less than 0.3% THC or no THC at all. This kind of quality makes it and its derivatives such as CBD legal and safe to use. The “<0.3% THC” rule is the same in most countries of the USA, with exceptions in some European countries that differ from each other.

We said that hemp oil and CBD oil are different and here is why. Hemp oil comes from the hemp plant and the hemp plant may have more than 20% CBD. So, CBD is a hemp plant derivative. These two have their similarities and the most important is the medicinal usage because both are beneficial.

The opposite of hemp is marijuana, which is another Sativa strain. Marijuana is illegal because it can have more than 20% THC, which is the one cannabis compound that causes addiction and “gets you high or stoned”.

Tips on getting the best CBD?

The first thing you must check is the extraction process and the growing standards. In order to extract the best CBD oil from hemp companies use many ways. But the pressure these companies put on the plant to extract CBD is the secret behind the quality of CBD. If CBD is extracted by heat and butane is used in the process the quality of CBD is not that good. Instead, big companies use methods such as food-grade ethanol or CO2 to make sure CBD is of high quality.

After that check the varieties of CBD products in the market. You will see that there are two main varieties – full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate. If you did not know there are hundreds of cannabinoids in the hemp plant. So, if the CBD-based product contains only one cannabinoid, which in this case is CBD, is an isolated CBD product. On the other hand, if the product contains more than one cannabinoid it is a broad or a full-spectrum CBD.

Which CBD-based products are better?

We must say that the full-spectrum CBD is better than the isolated one and here is why. Isolated CBD oils are very efficient but keep in mind that CBD works better when other cannabinoids are around. So, the full-spectrum CBD oils are better as you will get all the benefits of more than one cannabinoid. CBD oils and extracts of Swiss quality are the perfect examples of purity. These products are made by growing hemp plants and using the CO2 extraction process. Above we explained that this kind of extraction process produces the best CBD-based products.

One last thing you can do is to check for the manufacturer’s customer support and the money-back guarantee. That way you will make sure that the CBD you are buying is from a serious company.

In conclusion, the market of CBD is growing continuously and nowadays you find a lot of stores or online retailers that sell it. We recommend you go with the online option because it is cheaper and the product will arrive at your address without the need to go out.