How to choose the best IT agency software?

Running a recruiting agency requires a lot of dedication and attention to detail. Even small mistakes can have a big impact on the success of a business. Invoices and collections should be accurate, especially the workflow of the work schedule from Temp to the facility for payroll, as every hour of work paid to Temp should also translate into 1 hour paid by the customer. Good workforce accreditation is also very important as it affects the reputation of the agency with its clients and can also create legal risk. Specialized software helps maintain a high level of precision in business processes.

Benefits of IT agency Software

Along with the need for precision, the benefits of using recruiting software begin right from the start when a recruiting agency begins to grow. Business automation dramatically reduces the time spent on daily operations, increases quality, and ultimately leads to higher revenues and lower costs. Software that supports business automation, for example, could be a database to manage a growing pool of candidates and recruiting activities, applications to simplify planning, or integrated workflow systems for Manage timesheets, from work in the establishment to paying the bill. IT staffing agencies are growing day by day.

There is a long list of applications developed to handle the various tasks of an employment agency. While many of these elements are fairly general and apply to a wide range of different industries, some were developed for very specific conditions. Each of these types of programs has its pros and cons which you should understand before signing up for often expensive subscriptions.

Agency workflow

Many applications can improve the functioning of employment agencies. This makes it difficult to choose which ones best suit the needs of the business. These can vary widely between agencies due to determining criteria such as strategy, the industry in which the agency operates, size of the job, types of clients, etc. So it’s important to first understand the agency’s workflow and operating principles, figure out how the program can improve each of these workflows, and then start filtering out vendors. For example, if the agency pays temporarily weekly, the payroll management system should be able to support that. The main sections where the software can greatly improve the workflow are:

Sourcing and staffing


Accreditation Department

Processing timesheet


Invoices and collections

Bookkeeping and reports

Types of programs

With an understanding of business processes, the next step is to determine the most appropriate type of program. There are three general types:

  1. General
  2. General employment
  3. Industry-specific.

Selection process

Industry-specific recruiting programs typically come in the form of an integrated software package that covers almost every aspect of business operations. It only works in one industry (like healthcare) and provides the highest level of business automation. The advantages of using such software are obvious. But there is also a downside to being closed with one seller. All the data created by a recruiting agency is brought together in one system, and the longer the agency uses the software, the more difficult it becomes to change providers in the future. Additionally, since industry-specific applications come with integrated workflows, they are not efficient in supporting proprietary hiring processes that could have been a competitive advantage for the agency.

The need for these programs often stems from the need to improve business or prepare for growth. It is advisable to identify areas of the organization where the programs will have the greatest impact on profit.

It is only after considering all the different sellers that a decision needs to be made. Time is well invested as it is almost certain that the best business software has been chosen which can lead to significant savings or additional income. Remember that this type of program should be used for an extended period.


This can reduce the risks and costs that usually accompany a major change in business operations. Once the type of program required is clear, a list of providers can be compiled from a basic internet search.  The need for recruiting programs often stems from the need to improve business or prepare for growth. It is advisable to identify areas of the organization where the programs will have the greatest impact on profit, and then focus on them first.