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Horner denies explosive Verstappen clause.


Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen’s contract does not guarantee him number one status in the Red Bull racing team.

Team boss Christian Horner denied a corresponding clause in the “Talking Bull” podcast. The team-internal duel between Verstappen and Sergio Perez, who is currently second in the drivers’ standings behind the Dutchman, should instead be “ruthlessly fair”, explained Horner.

“We want it to be about what they do on the track. We’ve never had number one status in a contract, never. It’s always been about what the drivers do on the track, and that’s how it’s supposed to be stay too,” explained the Briton.

The current situation in the World Championship race harbors the risk of internal team conflicts, but according to Horner it is very popular with Red Bull.

“It’s exactly what you want as a team or as a team boss that both are at the top. You just have to make sure that both have the same chances,” explained the 49-year-old, who has been in charge of the current team since 2005 dominating Formula 1 racing team.

Formula 1: This role is played by Daniel Ricciardo’s “energy”.

According to Horner, the commitment of Daniel Ricciardo as a reserve driver had a positive influence on the difficult relationship between Verstappen and Perez in the past.

“I think the two feel more comfortable when they have his energy around them,” said the Red Bull team boss. “It’s less awkward between the two of them, especially when they’re competing and they both really like him because he’s just a great guy – you can’t not like Daniel Ricciardo.”

The Australian does “a lot of marketing appearances” and works a lot in the simulator. “He won’t do any practice sessions, but will do tire tests for us. Having a driver of Daniel’s quality up our sleeve is phenomenal for us.”

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