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High school student stabs two staff members to himself in Canada


A Canadian high school student was arrested after stabbing himself and two staff members Monday morning, according to police.

The student, who was not identified, was in an administrative office at Charles P. Allen High School in Bedford, Nova Scotia, when he pulled out the knife, police said.

Both employees were hospitalized due to their injuries. The student also suffered self-inflicted injuries.

“He was yelling things like, ‘My life doesn’t matter. Your life doesn’t matter’, and yelling that diplomas mean nothing”, student Dax Thompson told CTV News.

The teen was in an office due to “concern for the student,” Halifax ed spokeswoman Lindsey Bunin said.

After the stabbing, the student fled the school but police officers arrived almost immediately and detained him, according to Bunin.

A security guard “was chasing him and then five police cars arrived and surrounded him,” said Raghad Ghazal, a 10th grade student. “He was a little surprised.”

Allen High has about 1,700 students in grades 10-12, making it the largest school in Nova Scotia, according to the CBC. The school closed the day after the stabbing and did not announce when the children would return to class.

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