Here are all the AirTag accessories we know


The Apple AirTags have finally been announced and a ton of accessories are coming to make them easier to use (so much easier than if it had a built-in way to attach it to things, for example). While a small tracking puck can be carried in a bag, there are a number of other things you’ll want to put an AirTag on that require some sort of retainer or the judicious use of tape.

These are all the accessories we could find that are either listed for pre-order or have a page in the Apple Store. We don’t have official shipping dates for most, but it’s probably a safe bet that the ones in the Apple Store will be available when the AirTags do, on April 30th.

Belkin’s AirTag holder. Tie it to something!
Image: Apple


Belkin currently has two offerings, a key fob and a strap, both of which retail for $ 12.95. Both products have a round holder for the AirTag and are available in white, black, blue and pink. They are currently listed as unavailable on Apple’s online store and as “coming soon” on the Belkin site.

I really like this.
Image: Nomad


Nomad also offers its take on a key fob, but (typically) the version is a leather pouch that wraps the AirTag. The company also has a goggle strap, which doubles as a strap to keep your goggles handy and as an AirTag holder in case you lose them. Both are listed for $ 39.95, but are marked down to $ 29.95 if you pre-order, which you can do right now on Nomad’s site.

Spigen’s rugged AirTag case. Maybe you could attach it to your climbing equipment?
Image: Spigen

Cyrill / Spigen

Cyrill offers one keychain accessory made of vegan leather in two colors, black and “stone” (which is light gray). It costs $ 19.99 and appears to be available now. Spigen, Cyrill’s parent company, also offers its own AirTag cases: a keychain accessory and a rugged case with a hefty clip connector (and what looks like a bottle opener, although it’s not listed as a feature). Both cost $ 24.99 – the key fob can be ordered today and the rugged cover can be pre-ordered.

This is the bag hanger. I dare you to put it on a Gucci or Louis wallet.
Image: Apple


Apple has a history with Hermès; the French luxury company made some astonishingly expensive Apple Watch bands. As it should be, the Apple Store lists a leather key fob, luggage tag, and bag hanger made by Hermès – priced at $ 349, $ 449, and $ 299, respectively. It’s worth noting, however, that the accessories include an AirTag with a custom “Hermès” engraving, so you can bend while you search. The key ring and bag hanger are available in orange, brown and what looks like black, but is listed as ‘bleu indigo’. The luggage tag is currently only displayed in brown. Like the Belkin offering, they are not currently available through the Apple Store.

Is this an infinite loop? No, only Apple’s AirTag loop.
Image: Apple


Of course, Apple offers its own first-party accessories. Currently, Apple has a leather key fob, leather loop, and polyurethane loop (think Apple Watch sports band) in the store, which cost $ 35, $ ​​39, and $ 29 respectively. All three are available in a variety of colors and are currently listed as unavailable.

Everyone else

Of course, with how long AirTags have been rumored, there have been some manufacturers looking to get ahead with their accessories. Last night we saw several keychains pop up on Walmart, Etsy and eBay.