Guidelines on Selecting A Good Video Downloader

Ever since videos started getting uploaded on internet sites; users have been searching around for sites that would allow them to download videos. There were several reasons for this. 

  • Internet services were not freely available
  • Internet services were costly
  • Wi-Fi services were not available
  • Mobile phone service providers did not offer internet facilities.

People who had access to the internet in their workplace could not sit around watching videos. So, they wanted to download their favorite movies, songs, games, recipes, etc and copy them on a USB and take them home, where they could watch them on their PCs. Yes, hats off to the internet marketers who spot an opportunity to sell a product or service and promptly get software gurus to develop and upload applications to fulfill user requirements. They spotted this opportunity and promptly went about fulfilling it.

Today, with technology developing at break-neck speed, internet and Wi-Fi services are freely available, and costs have gone down. Now you Google for video downloader, and there are thousands of results displayed. The first 20-30 are the most likely to provide you with the downloader that you are looking for. Some internet sites that host videos offer an inbuilt downloading facility, so you don’t have to search for one.

You have downloaded the video you were eager to watch, and you think the problem is solved. But is it? You want to download a video from another site, and the download cannot do it. Video hosting sites have inbuilt protection; that allows users to watch online. But because of the copyright you cannot download the videos. This is when you need to look for a video downloader by that will download the clip.

What Makes a Good Video Downloader? 

There are seven key features you should look for when selecting a video downloader:

  • Price
  • Setup
  • Easy to use
  • Sites it supports
  • Output options
  • Download speed
  • Troubleshooting 


Most of the video downloader sites are free and ad-supported. The reason for advertising is pretty clear. The site has to make money, and if the users get the facility free, the site owner depends on ads to cover the costs.


Some of the sites require a user-script or an extension, but most of them don’t require setup anything on your computer.

Ease to Use 

This is pretty difficult to judge. As a user, you have to decide which interface suits your requirements. Most users want a minimal interface; they don’t like to toggle buttons, see new tabs popping up, or scroll through extensive menus. Users prefer to copy/pasting the desired video’s URL to the download video site, selecting the video download options and where to save the downloaded video and submit. 

Download Speed

There are a number of factors involved when it comes to downloading speed. The download speed is not just dependent on how fast the video downloader is working. It also depends on your internet speed. The faster the internet speed is, the faster will be the download. Generally, the good video downloader applications on the internet download around the same speed. A short clip should take a couple of minutes. 

Output Options

At times it’s necessary to convert an online video to a specific format to enhance the resolution or sound or to make it playable on a different device. You want to play it on a mobile device or DVD player or a music gadget. For this, you require re-encoding. However, if you look at the options provided by good video downloader applications, you will see that most of them provide quite a large choice. You can download and play them on the device of your choice. They support from 4K to 144p; this means that they offer downloading and conversion facilities. So, you don’t have to go around searching for re-coding applications.

Trouble Shooting

Sites that host videos and offer users the services to watch the videos online periodically change their algorithms. They know that there are video downloader sites that allow users to download videos from their websites. This is a practice they want to stop. So don’t be too surprised if your video downloader stops working. It might take a few hours or weeks before they fix it.

 Bottom Line 

Every application or facility that you use has its ups and downs. Therefore, you, as the user, have to decide which video downloader suits your individual requirements. Enjoy watching!