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Groom Your Nails With The Best At-home Gel Manicure!

There is no better way to pamper yourself than by splurging on a luxurious gel manicure. Grooming and pampering give a sense of confidence to women to carry themselves elegantly spot-on outfits and well-groomed hair. A gel manicure can instantly elevate the appearance of your hands and last up to four weeks if taken care of properly. Getting at home gel manicure is a quick process as compared to regular nail polish and lasts for a longer time, and you can enjoy your beautiful nails and hands for a couple of weeks. You can get in touch with a reputed and experienced nail artist to get their expert tips and tricks for getting the best possible gel manicure and how to make it last longer. 

What actually is a gel manicure?

Among the numerous personal grooming services for women, gel manicure is a gel-based polish that is used to enhance the appearance of your nails. It uses UV or LED light to cure the polish and securely lock it on your nails. Unlike the regular polish, which chips within 2-3 days, gel-based polish stays for weeks and does not chip at all. Unlike the regular old manicure, gel manicures feel sturdier, and women with any nail length can get them quickly. 

Are getting gel manicures worth every penny? 

Although at-home manicures cost $10-$15 more than regular manicures, they are worth every single buck spent on them due to their long-lasting features.However, if you are tight on budget, you can also go for a press on nails or regular manicure using nails promo codes to get a similar feel and appearance. Gel manicure or a little expensive because after painting the nails with nail polish, your nails are cured under a UV light source. People with concerns about UV light exposure must know that the complete process is safe and exposure is minimal since the lights are low wattage. Moreover, if you wish to minimize the exposure, wearing broad-spectrum sunscreen can be a good idea.

What are the significant benefits of getting at-home gel manicures?


As discussed earlier, the significant benefit of getting gel nails at home is that it lasts much longer than regular nail polish. Moreover, it does not easily chip, break, or peel and does not leave any annoying smudges on your nails that make your hands poorly groomed. The instant exposure of nails to UV light makes it hard and firm instantly.

Offers Protection

The daily routine of your household codes can make your nails chappy and can be protected with a gel manicure. A gel manicure can help to protect your nails which are weak and prone to splitting easily, as it acts as a natural barrier against dirt, pollutants, or any other harmful substances. 

Dries Quickly

Regular acrylic or non-acrylic nail polishes take a long time to dry and may also get spoiled due to mergers or chips by accident because of the longer drying process. On the other hand, at home, gel manicure dries quickly Within about 60 seconds, allowing you to move around freely without damaging your nails. 


Getting the best at-home gel manicure allows you to experiment with different colors and designs on your nails. Gel manicures are incredibly versatile and easy to apply as compared to regular nail polish. You can also apply different layers to create your own design, which is specifically beneficial for women who love experimenting with colors and metallic looks on their nails. Get in touch with pressonshop.com  to explore the self-grooming options and much more.

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