Greg Abbott sends two buses of illegal immigrants to Philly – some arriving in 40F in shorts

Two busloads of migrants arrived in Philadelphia from Texas, with some immigrants wearing T-shirts and shorts in 40-degree weather.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, 65, has driven more than 10,000 migrants from his state through his Operation Lone Star project, which he says is designed to highlight the influx of illegal immigrants crossing the US border.

Abbott’s latest batch of buses arrived in Philadelphia between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. Friday, with 72 migrants on board. NBCPhiladelphia.

This is the third and fourth bus to arrive in the city since the first arrived in mid-November.

The buses stopped at the city’s 30th Street station and poured out migrants wearing clothes not equipped for the harsh weather. Others were seen carrying babies.

More than 70 migrants arrived in Philadelphia on Friday after being bussed from Texas. Many were seen in shorts and t-shirts in cold weather

Migrants Were Given Blankets (Photo) And Coffee To Warm Up

Migrants were given blankets (photo) and coffee to warm up

Officials Greeting The Migrants Were Seen Bundled Up In Warm Coats As It Was Around 40 When They Arrived

Officials greeting the migrants were seen bundled up in warm coats as it was around 40 when they arrived

Abbott Has Taken Migrants To Several Sanctuary Cities As Part Of His Operation Lone Star, Which He Says Is Designed To Draw Attention To The Influx Of Illegal Immigrants Crossing The Border.  He Has No Intention Of Stopping Until Biden Tightens Border Security

Abbott has taken migrants to several sanctuary cities as part of his Operation Lone Star, which he says is designed to draw attention to the influx of illegal immigrants crossing the border. He has no intention of stopping until Biden tightens border security

They were given blankets and coffee to keep warm and some were picked up by families. For many, however, the sanctuary city will not be their final destination.

Many would go to New York, New Jersey and Ohio.

On Friday, about 36 migrants stayed in the city’s hospitable shelter.

The migrants come from Colombia, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, said Emilio Buitrago of the Casa de Venezuela group, which helps asylum seekers

Buitrago said Abbott’s actions — especially on Thanksgiving — were “despicable,” but he’s not letting Texas’ action stop him from “welcoming” the new group to town.

“We’re here to show them why Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love,” he told NBC 10.

Buitrago also said the city would take the migrants to the reception center to “meet their needs” and provide them with a hot breakfast.

The Migrants Arrived At The 30Th Street Station (Pictured) Between 6 And 8 A.m.

The migrants arrived at the 30th Street station (pictured) between 6 and 8 a.m.

“These are people who have reached the legal definition of asylum. Many of them have been traveling for months — two months is what we’ve heard is the most common time frame,” Erika Guadalupe Núñez, the executive director of the Juntos community organization, told NBC Philadelphia.

She also said she was proud that Philadelphia has helped the various migrants who have trickled through, saying, “They know they are welcome here and there are people who will support them.”

Abbott says he will continue to transport migrants to various sanctuary cities until Biden tightens border security.

It Means That For The Fiscal Year Ended Sept. 30, There Were A Total Of 2,378,944 Encounters — The Highest Level Ever Recorded By Customs And Border Protection.

It means that for the fiscal year ended Sept. 30, there were a total of 2,378,944 encounters — the highest level ever recorded by the department

Masters Has Put Immigration At The Center Of His Campaign.  Earlier This Month, Official Figures Showed There Were 227,547 Encounters Along The Southwestern Land Border In September, A 12 Percent Increase Compared To August - Ending The Fiscal Year At A Record High

In total, there were 227,547 encounters along the southwestern land border in September, an increase of 12 percent compared to August – ending the fiscal year at a record high

Chris Magnus, 62, Biden’s chief of US Customs and Border Protection, sensationally resigned earlier this month — just a day after being ordered to leave amid the ongoing border crisis.

Magnus’s removal is part of a larger shakeup expected at Homeland Security as it struggles to manage migrants arriving from a wider range of countries, including Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

Migrant arrests at the US-Mexico border have hit an all-time high under Biden, fueling attacks from Republicans who say his policies are too lenient.

Federal authorities arrested more than 2.493 million immigrants during fiscal year 2022, which ended Sept. 30. That far surpassed last year’s record of more than 1.7 million arrests.

Biden officials have said they are aiming for a more orderly and humane immigration system, but have struggled to meet the operational and political challenges associated with the high number of border crossings.

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