Google's best lawyer would have cheated his wife with multiple employees – against Google's own policies

Google & # 39; s chief legal officer David Drummond had an affair with former Google lawyer Jennifer Blakely that resulted in a baby born in 2007, Blakely writes in a message on Medium. The relationship was contrary to Google's policy that prohibits relationships between managers and their subordinates. Blakely then says that Drummond has left the relationship, forced her through a legal wringer for child benefits, and has dealt with a treatment that Blakely describes as & # 39; nothing less than abuse & # 39 ;.


In a statement to BuzzFeed News today Drummond does not deny most of Blakely's claims. In addition to one specific accusation, he simply says that "I have a very different view of what happened" and that "no audience is going back and forth about these personal matters."

When the affair started, Drummond was married, Blakely says. He was also "well aware that our relationship was contrary to Google's new policy, ranging from" discouraging "direct reporting relationships to full banning," writes Blakely. After their son was born, the Human Resources department told Drummond and Blakely that one of them would have to leave the Legal Department. Blakely switched to sales, even though she had no sales experience. She finally quit Google after Drummond offered to help us financially every month & # 39 ;, she writes.

Blakely first described her affair with Drummond in a 2018 New York Times article, which focused on a huge payout from Google to Andy Rubin, the & # 39; father of Android & # 39 ;, who was accused of sexual misconduct by another employee. In her new Medium message, Blakely says that "blatant femininity and philandering" was common among some Google managers, a claim reported about Google higher-ups such as Eric Schmidt, Sergey Brinand Andy Rubin in it different ways for years.

Blakely says her relationship with Drummond ended after she left a dinner with Google staff to take care of her sick son. She writes that she has repeatedly called Drummond and then sent him a text message asking when he would come home. According to Blakely, he replied: "Don't expect me back. I'll never come back. & # 39; Google & # 39; s associate general counsel, Chris Chin, told Blakely that Drummond had gone to San Francisco with two other women that night on Google legal department, she writes in the Medium post.

Then, Blakely writes, Drummond started an affair with one of those women and another with a personal assistant. But the idea that interoffice matters at Google were acceptable behavior came from the top, Blakely says:

Once in the summer of 2014, David came to visit our son and we argued about his one-way conditions to see him at my ease, especially when he had removed his own houses. He sat down at our kitchen table and made a one-year-old article from the Daily Mail with my laptop about the phenomenal lifestyle of Eric Schmidt. He then handed the computer over to me to read. I was so perplexed! I was well aware of Eric & # 39; s lifestyle, David was even more aware, but none of that was new, we had been talking about it for years. David explained to me how Eric & # 39; s "personal life" was essentially his privilege. The article apparently reminded me of how things worked: David was (and is) a powerful director. His & # 39; personal life & # 39; (which apparently did not include his son) was forbidden territory and since then I was no longer his & # 39; personal life & # 39 ;, it was time for me to keep my mouth shut, to queue and no longer bother him with the nuisance or demands of raising a child.

"Unlike Jennifer, I never started a relationship with anyone else who worked at Google or Alphabet," says Drummond, according to BuzzFeed. "Any other suggestion is simply not true."


According to Blakely, Drummond occasionally refused to pay child allowance and he also stretched out without seeing his child. "Her account raises many claims about us and other people, including our son and my former wife," said Drummond, according to Buzzfeed.

Blakely's story about the culture of Drummond and Google is not strange to the company. In October 2018, Google said 48 people had been fired in the last two years for sexual harassment. Google employees protested against the treatment of sexual harassment in the company, even when they left on November 1, 2018.

Google declined to answer questions about the allegations, including whether Drummond violated company policies. Blakely did not respond to requests for comment.

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