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Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Get Death Stranding for free on the Epic Games Store | -WhatsNew2Day


The Epic Games Store is offering free games these days, but it’s rare to see a game as powerful as Death Stranding. Yes, Death Stranding is now available for free on PC.

We usually see indie games in free-to-play campaigns or fairly old titles, but today the store didn’t skimp on us. From now until next Thursday, May 25, shop users or even non-users can Epic Games Store Get Death Stranding for free and keep it forever.

Some Epic Games Store users may already have Death Stranding as part of their digital library. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Death Stranding for free, we got the game last December as part of a store promotion. This is a great opportunity for all those Epic Games Store users who missed out on this opportunity the first time to put Death Stranding into their game library.

Most of the time, Epic Games Store games are leaked early on the Internet before their official reveal, but this has not happened yet with the current campaign. All that is required of you, dear reader, is to wait until May 25th to find out the next free game.

The events of the game “Death Stranding” take place in a mysterious and destructive world that is almost devoid of the means of life. The game covers the story of “Sam”, the man who is distinguished by his ability to deliver shipments and face the dangers of this wild world, with the aspirations of some parties to rebuild “America” again. A wonderful experience from the director “Kojima” that is worth embarking on.

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