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Genshin Impact developer’s new game will be released in April


Hoyoverse, the makers of the breakaway hit Genshin effectannounced a release date for the company’s next big game, Honkai: Starrailas part of one developer stream Friday morning. Hoyoverse’s new sci-fi adventure will be released on April 26 for Android, iOS, and Windows PC.

The game is also coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 “soon”, but Hoyoverse has not given a release date.

Honkai: Starrail is space fantasy RPG with amazing anime like art style. Like its predecessors – Genshin effect And Honkai impact 3rd – it will be a free to play gacha game. The game follows the story of a protagonist named as Trailblazer who has embarked on an interstellar journey aboard a space train called the Astral Express.

unlike Genshin, Star track has turn-based content where you can build up to teams of four to battle. The developers claim that the game will feature “large maps of maze exploration, puzzle-solving gameplay, and compelling storylines.”

As is typical with Hoyoverse, the characters will be a major draw of the game. Hoyoverse has already introduced several: There is the sparkling and cunning healer, Bailu; And Yanqing is a confident young knight with the cutest little updo I’ve seen in a while. We don’t know much about anyone yet, but they all have a kind of vibrancy to them. A trailer from a month ago showed some characters running around town doing things like hanging out and taking selfies.

The developers started pre-registration for the game in February. Players can get all the information they need to pre-register for the game and earn an in-game bonus at Hoyoverse’s website.

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