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Fortnite lets players mute the Rickroll emote to prevent copyright claims

Fortnite introduced its Rick Astley-inspired emote just a week ago, and the company has already rolled out an update to allow PC players to mute the music in response to complaints: creators said they received copyright claims about the licensed song being played when the emote plays has been used.

When a player uses the “Never Gonna” emote, part of Astley’s famous song, “I’m never going to give you up,” begins to play and their character starts to dance. The addition marked one of the largest numbers that one Fortnite emote – and that led to problems. YouTube makers who have played Fortnite and uploaded videos with the emote were caught by YouTube’s copyright detection system; In essence, the company claimed that the rights to Astley’s track hold copyright infringement, and creators could not earn money from their videos.

The setting is currently only available on PCs, but Epic plans to eventually bring it to all other platforms. “From the 12.00 patch on, PC makers can mute licensed emote music and sounds,” a tweet from Fortnite“S Twitter support official account reads. “This option will be available on all platforms in a future patch. Navigate to the audio options in the Settings menu to enable this feature. ”

Fortnite is one of the largest games in the world and it is a core part of the gaming communities of YouTube and Twitch. There are a number of full-time streamers and YouTube makers who only produce Fortniterelated videos and streams. If they cannot earn money with their content due to copyright infringement, it becomes a financial problem that affects both makers and viewers.

While it is clear that Epic licensed Astley’s song, which defined early memes for an entire generation of people, the company did not think about how this would affect its creators. Allowing players to mute can take away the pleasure from the emote, but it is a good center for now. It also allows Epic to follow other popular songs for his game, while the creator community doesn’t hurt.