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Five Drinks Co. sells $ 5,500 bubble tent stocked with seating, a sound system, and cocktails

A beverage company is selling a $ 5,500 outdoor bubble tent – stocked with seating, a sound system, and cocktails – so people can experience the bar scene without leaving home

  • Five Drinks Co. sells ‘The Anywhere Bar’, an igloo-like bubble that seats up to five people
  • The enclosed, portable bar features seating, a sound system and a month’s supply of drinks
  • Experts note that bright tents surrounded on all sides have the same ventilation as eating indoors

Increasing COVID-19 risk is keeping many people out of bars at home these days – but a smart drink company gives customers the chance to enjoy the trendy bar scene without leaving their home.

Just in time for the cold weather, Five Drinks Co. ‘The Anywhere Bar, ‘an igloo-like bubble where up to five people can sit and sip in a fun atmosphere.

The enclosed, portable bar comes with seating, a sound system, and even some pre-stocked drinks, but it costs $ 5,500.

“No vacation is complete without a trip to your favorite pub in town and meeting people from high school you want to see,” reads the article description.

‘Well, since things are a little different this year, we want to bring the bar experience to you (minus people from high school).’

The bar looks like a giant snow globe and seats five people.

It includes seating and cocktail tables, a music system, and a month’s supply of canned cocktails.

Meanwhile, some other companies sell clear, plastic outdoor tents for people who want to spend some time outside of the home, regardless of the weather.

Alvantor $ 499.99 Winter Bubble Tent is made of clear PVC and can accommodate four to six people. The description promises that it also has a great heat retention and is wind and waterproof.

On Amazon, another bubble tent retails for $ 1,299.99 and even comes with an air filtration system.

Since these tents are enclosed on all sides, they don’t count as ‘outdoors’ – so users should be careful who they invite to enjoy them.

Speaking of similar setups that have popped up outside of restaurants, Dr. Colleen Kraft, associate chief medical officer at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, said, Today: ‘I think it’s a similar problem to eating indoors.

Many of these plastic bubbles may be more porous than a wall, so maybe more air can circulate, but they won’t be as safe as a true open-air setup where a breeze can flow and a lot of air is exchanged. ‘