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FIFA predicts ‘turning point’ in women’s football


Exactly 100 days before the start of the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand (July 20 to August 20), FIFA declared the tournament a “watershed moment” in women’s soccer.

“People will say, ‘That was the turning point that changed everything and took the game to a new level,'” said Sarai Bareman, chief women’s football officer at the world governing body, on Tuesday.

According to the former Samoa international, the clear goal of women’s football is to break into the financial spheres of a men’s World Cup. The “product” is basically on the right track, but is still in its infancy. You will therefore continue to put pressure on: “We want to get to this level.” For that, men’s football must be “inspiration and goal,” said Bareman.

The native New Zealander also got involved in the debate about the sluggish bidding process for the TV rights: “We have to stay true to our line and, for the benefit of future generations of female footballers, ensure that they are offered the same opportunities as their male colleagues. ” This will only be achieved if the “commercial value” is recognized.

One would therefore even accept that some countries would get nothing when it comes to broadcasting rights. For Germany there is still no agreement on the broadcasting rights of the Women’s World Cup.

At the “Down Under” tournament, record numbers of viewers are expected both on site and on the screens. The next phase of ticket sales starts on Tuesday, more than 650,000 of which are said to have already been sold. The two billion viewers via TV and Internet that Bareman was hoping for would be about twice as many as at the last World Cup in France four years ago.

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