Family slams ‘white, rich boy justice’ after Florida cannibal killer escapes jail sentence

Family members of a Florida couple who were brutally murdered in a gruesome attack, slammed ‘white, rich boy justice’ after the alleged cannibalistic killer was found not guilty by reason of insanity. 

Austin Harrouff, 25, is accused in the 2016 slayings of John Stevens, 59, and Michelle Mishcon Stevens, 53, in the garage of the couple’s Florida home where he was found chewing on John’s face after allegedly attacking them with a machete.

Friends and relatives of the couple waited six years for their case to be heard. However, Monday’s hearing saw the judge accept an insanity plea agreement. Harrouff will instead be sentenced for life in prison.

Cindy Mishcon (sister of victim Michelle Mishcon) said that ‘Here are we opening the prison doors to a double killer. “Four words come to my mind. White, rich boy justice. 

Harrouff stated that he was unable to recall the details of the murders. However, he believed God and the demons were communicating with him about the attacks. He According to his parents, he was suffering from mental illness at the time. 

The defense was rejected by the families of the victims, who claimed that Harrouff was a drug addict and was aware of his actions when he committed this crime. 

Cindy Mishcon was the sister of Michelle Mishcon’s murder victim. Austin Harrouff wasn’t found guilty on Monday due to insanity.

Austin Harrouff, 25, Was Found Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity For The 2016 Murders Of John Stevens, 59, And His Wife Michelle Mishcon Stevens, 53, At Their Home In Florida

Austin Harrouff, 25, was not found guilty by reason of insaneity for the 2016 murders John Stevens, (59), and Michelle Mishcon Stevens (53), at their Florida home.

Michelle And John Stevens Were Murdered In Their Garage In 2016 When Harrouff Allegedly Entered A Mental Episode And Thought He Was 'Half Dog, Half Man'

Michelle and John Stevens were allegedly murdered in their garage by Harrouff, who allegedly went into a mental episode where he thought he’d be ‘half man, half dog’.

In court on Monday, several family members presented victim impact statements directed at Harouff, his family, the defense team, and prosecutors.

Cindy Mishcon is an attorney and also a lawyer. She presented a systematic argument for why she doesn’t believe Harrouff was insane at the time of the murders.

“You can’t even glance at me?” Harrouff, sitting at the defense table in a red andwhite striped prison uniform, and glasses, asked her. 

She According to her, she started writing her victim impact statements when she was “naive enough” to believe that justice would come.

Cindy Mishcon claimed that her reality was set in when she heard tapes of Harrouff’s phone conversations with family members in jail and the reading pages of text messages from the year preceding the murders. 

His friends sent him text messages detailing his life as a student who had been using marijuana and other drugs during the year that preceded the death of the couple.

She She stated that she understood that you don’t care much about anyone but yourself and that the only victim you and all your family see is YOU, and the Harrouff Name.

She asked, “Is it so difficult for you to grasp that you are a coldblooded killer and not a victim?”

“I’m asking myself, Why are we here today?” She replied. “Why isn’t there a trial?” My family is being denied justice. 

Others in her family echoed her sentiments.

Jodi Bruce, another sister to Mishcon, stated that she didn’t know that you could brutally kill two people and attempt to kill another. And not even get a trial. “That was new to me.

Circuit Judge Sherwood Bauer of Martin County, Florida accepted Monday’s not guilty plea for the insanity grounds. It was entered in 2020.

Harrouff would have to be committed involuntarily into custody of the Department of Children and Families in order to be placed in a secured mental hospital. 

Two mental health experts, one hired by the defense and another by prosecutors, examined Harrouff and found he suffered an acute psychotic episode during the attack, and couldn’t distinguish between right and wrong. 

'I Didn'T Really Know You Could Brutally Murder Two People, Attempt To Kill Another, And Not Even Have A Trial,' Jodi Bruce, Another Sister Of Mishcon, Said. 'That Was News To Me'

Jodi Bruce, another sister to Mishcon, stated that she didn’t know you could brutally kill two people and attempt to kill another without even having a trial. “That was news to my.”

Jodi Bruce, Sister Of Murder Victim Michelle Mishcon, Gives Her Statement In Court On Monday

Jodi, the sister to Michelle Mishcon, makes her statement in court Monday

The decision was taken during The trial was to last at least three weeks.

Prosecutors say Harrouff, a Florida State University student aged 19, killed the couple and then stabbed a neighbour who tried to help him.

Bauer was shown documents that Harrouff had filed with the court stating that he thought he was half-dog and half-man when he attacked a couple in Florida. 

Harrouff’s attack received national attention for its brutality and extreme nature. He When he became agitated while out for dinner with his father, he left. 

Harrouff Is Pictured Here Being Taken In Custody After The Murders. He Begged Deputies To Kill Him After They Pulled Him Off John Stevens And Told Them 'I Ate Something Bad'

Harrouff can be seen here being taken into custody after the murders. He John Stevens was pulled off John’s property and he told John Stevens that he had eaten something horrible. John Stevens then begged the deputies to execute him. 

Evidence Provided To The Court As The Mental State Of Austin Harrouff Was Being Determined

Austin Harrouff’s mental health was being assessed by the court.

He Then he walked two blocks to his mother’s home, where he mixed parmesan with cooking oil and tried to drink it before his mother returned to the restaurant.

After Another altercation occurred with his father. Restaurant security footage showed Harrouff leaving calmly the restaurant 45 minutes prior. 

He He then walked the four-mile distance to Stevens’ home, where he entered Stevens’ open garage and used his own tools to kill Stevens.

Harrouff said that he was fleeing a demon named Daniel and that he had no recollection of the killings.

He Michelle Stevens was said to have met him in the couple’s garage. She He screamed and said, “then it’s blur.”

Harrouff replied, “I don’t remember what she said. All I remember is being yelled at.”

He She said that he took out a machete and killed her husband, but she doesn’t know why. He The couple had a garage where he drank additional chemicals that led to him suffering severe injuries.

The couple was found dead at their home by police. Harrouff also bit John’s face when they arrived. The police stated that they threatened Harrouff with a dog and kicked him in the head, and then tase him. 

Harrouff Was A 19-Year-Old Student At Florida State University When He Killed The Couple (Pictured) And Stabbed A Neighbor That Came To Help Them, Prosecutors Say

Harrouff, a Florida State University student aged 19, was accused of stabbing a neighbor who tried to help the couple.

Since The Incident In 2016, Harrouff Has Said That Cannot Remember The Details But Believed God And Demons Were Talking To Him As Attacked The Couple In The Brutal Attack

Harrouff, who was present at the attack on the couple in 2016 has stated that he can’t recall the details but believes God and demons were speaking to him.

In his judgment, Bauer said that two mental health experts, one hired by the state and one for the defense had concluded Harrouff was not sane when he killed the couple.

Bauer pointed out that Harrouff’s defense team and the state prosecutors “agreed on this particular outcome, I believe based upon all of the facts and circumstances that were available to them.”

Bauer stated, “It’s sad, it’s an terrible case.”

“But when it comes down to it, the state has made the conclusion that the defendant’s mental intent was not formed. The defendant is technically not guilty of insanity because it wasn’t there.

An expert in defense research, Dr. Ohillipo Resnick found in 2019 that Harrouff had been ‘actively paranoid’. He kept attacking cops even though they tased him repeatedly and kicked his head.

Resnick claimed the defendant had ‘clinical Lycanthropy’, which is the belief that you are a puppy. It explained Harrouff’s dog-like behavior. 

A Knife From The Scene Of The Brutal Murders Was Presented As Evidence

Evidence was provided by a knife found at the scene of the brutal murders

A Wine Bottle Opener Retrieved From The Scene Of The Stevens' Murder In August 2016

A wine bottle opener found on the scene of Stevens’ murder, August 2016,

Workers At The Crime Scene Remove Furniture From Garage Where Michelle Stevens Was Found

Michelle Stevens was discovered in a garage by workers at the crime scene.

Harrouff, if convicted, would have been sentenced for life without parole. Prosecutors had not chosen to pursue the death penalty.

This is almost two years after Harrouff plead not guilty in 2020. 

The prosecution psychiatrist, Dr. Gregory C. Landrum, stated that Harrouff was legally insane at the time he attacked Michelle and John Stevens outside their house in August 2016.

Landrum stated that Harrouff was being diagnosed with schizophrenia at the moment he was taken into custody.

Harrouff’s lawyers are bolstered by the psychiatrist’s findings. They plan to argue that Harrouff should not be found guilty of murder due to insanity at the trial scheduled for May.

Landrum concluded Harrouff could not distinguish right from wrong when the couple was killed. This Florida legal standard allows for Harrouff to be found not guilty of the crime by reason or insanity.

Harrouff’s slow recovery of critical injuries suffered while drinking chemicals at time of attack caused delays to the trial.

He His attorneys previously admitted that he will be sent to a mental hospital in the state. 

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