Fabinho claims Virgil van Dijk is Jurgen Klopp’s FAVORITE at Liverpool

Fabinho claims Virgil van Dijk is Jürgen Klopp’s FAVORITE at Liverpool, says Roberto Firmino is the club’s most talented player and calls the crucial challenge for Luis Suarez he was booked the tackle he likes most so far his career

  • Liverpool midfielder Fabinho participated in a Q&A on his Instagram story
  • The Brazilian answered fan questions from the pool while on vacation
  • Fabinho revealed that the pet of Reds trainer Jurgen Klopp is Virgil van Dijk

Fabinho has spilled some insider knowledge of the Liverpool dressing room, revealing Virgil van Dijk is Jurgen Klopp’s favourite, while he did some brutal digs at team-mate Joel Matip.

The versatile Red is soaking up the sun on holiday after heartbreak for the Brazilian in the Copa America final, refreshing for a return to Merseyside for the end of the preseason.

The 27-year-old hosted an Instagram Q&A from his poolside lounger, even entertaining fans with his impression of a Scouse accent.

Fabinho participated in an Instagram Q&A for his fans while on vacation for the new season

The midfielder revealed Virgil van Dijk is Jurgen Klopp's favorite in his Reds squad

Fabinho also said Roberto Firmino is his most talented teammate

He believes Virgil van Dijk is Jurgen Klopp’s favourite, and Firmino the most talented Red

Asked ‘who is the gaffer’s favorite?’ Fabinho answered simply ‘VVD’, the great Dutch central defender of Anfield.

Van Dijk is still making the final steps of his rehabilitation after suffering an ACL injury in October, and Klopp will be desperate to have his defensive rock back. The impact of the star’s injury last season certainly justifies the German’s favoritism.

The Brazilian was also asked for his favorite tackle of his career, with a shot from his wild lunge at Luis Suarez in the 2018-19 Champions League semi-final using the words ‘just ball ref’.

The challenge earned him a booking but wiping out the former Liverpool striker en route to a 4-0 win on that memorable Anfield night will only be a sweet memory.

Joel Matip was also the target of a friendly banter, he insisted he was faster and more beautiful

Joel Matip was also the target of a friendly banter, he insisted he was faster and more beautiful

After reporting that his wife Rebeca is ‘beautiful as ever’, Fabinho turned his attention to teasing a popular Anfield team-mate.

“Who’s faster, you or Joel (Matip)?” wrote one fan, to which Fabinho replied: ‘Of course it is me.’

He then joked ‘do I really have to answer this?’ and added a photo of himself posing in front of a sunset in response to a question about which of the duo was more “handsome.”

The former Monaco man was a little more modest when asked who he thinks is the Reds’ most talented player.

Above a photo of Roberto Firmino sleeping on a plane, he wrote ‘si senor’, picking his national team-mate from the Reds’ star-filled roster.