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Exciting LEGO 2K Drive launch show


The LEGO 2K Drive game was released a few days ago, and recently 2K Games shared with us the official launch offer for the racing game that we enjoyed experiencing in the recent period.

The game offers a new adventure in the world of LEGO with a focus on car racing, where you will be welcomed to Bricklandia, the home of LEGO racing in the open world, and as you would expect, you can race anywhere, play with anyone, build your dream vehicle and defeat a bunch of rivals in racing Wild to get the Sky Trophy that everyone is chasing.

Here’s a snippet of our review of the title, which can be found here:

If you can ignore the in-game store, Lego 2K Drive is an easy game to recommend if you’re looking for a fun and light-hearted racing game. It’s a fully open-world, first-rate karts racing game that’s on par with, and in some ways better than, games like Mario Kart and Forza Horizon.

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