Ex-boss of Dreamboys strippers faces jail after bludgeoning ex-girlfriend in the head with an AXE

The former head of the Dreamboys strippers has been found guilty of attempted murder after beating his ex with an ax after he caught sight of TOWIE star Kirk Norcross giving him a ‘goodnight kiss’.

Alex Alam, a former model, made a desperate Facetime call to the TOWIE star begging her to go rescue her children as she feared for her life during the April attack, which left her needing over 100 stitches to ‘ change his life. injuries

David Richards, 41, who founded the Dreamboys before selling the business for £1m in 2019, was in a nine-year relationship with Ms Alam and built a luxurious home complete with shared stables, placing the house on both sides. their names.

But former boxer Richards was abusive towards Ms Alam throughout their relationship, and she had repeatedly reported him to police for alleged coercive control before throwing him out of the house. Sun reports.

She then managed to get a no abuse order against him after filing an assault claim against him.

After being questioned by police, Richards waited outside the house for five hours, before seeing Kirk, 34, leave the property and give Ms Alam a “goodnight kiss” as she left.

Soon after, he attacked Ms. Alam, repeatedly hitting her over the head with an ax while yelling the TOWIE star’s name.

He then attempted to strangle the former model and continued to hit her with the axe.

Alex Alam, A Former Model, Was Attacked By Richards Late One Night In April With An Axe.

Alex Alam, a former model, was attacked by Richards late one night in April with an axe.

Ms. Alam Was Left With Injuries That

Ms Alam was left with “life-changing” injuries that required her to spend days in hospital and needed 100 stitches.

David Richards Attacked His Ex-Girlfriend With An Ax And Attempted To Strangle Her, Before Tying Him Up With Zip Ties In April.

David Richards attacked his ex-girlfriend with an ax and attempted to strangle her, before tying him up with zip ties in April.

She said: ‘Every time I yelled or begged, he got angrier. I realized that they were going to cut me to pieces. He knew that he was going to do me, and then he was going to do the children.

Richards bound Ms Alam with zip ties and is said to have dragged her by the hair.

She managed to make up a story about why she had been with Mr Norcross and said she had evidence on his phone, the court heard.

As Richards left her tied up to find the phone, Alam grabbed a kitchen knife and managed to block it, before hiding in a room in the house where she called the police and then Mr Norcross.

He told the court that when Ms Alam called him: ‘She was covered in blood. She had never seen anything like it.

“It was like I was watching a horror movie. She said, “Kirk, come back, I’m dying. He’s killed me.”

Mrs. Alam then begged Mr. Norcross to come and save her children.

He was in the hospital several days after the attack and required more than 100 stitches.

Richards Violently Attacked His Ex After Seeing Her Share A Goodnight Kiss With Kirk Norcross (Pictured)

Richards violently attacked his ex after seeing her share a goodnight kiss with Kirk Norcross (pictured)

Chelmsford Crown Court heard from the prosecution that Richards fled the scene and drove at speeds of over 90mph before being stopped and arrested by police.

Prosecutor William Carter told the court that Richards was “a man who intended to kill.”

Richards denied attempted murder and said he had never owned an axe. But it took a jury just four hours to convict him this week after the week-long trial.

He had already admitted to violating the no-abuse order.

The investigating officer in the case, DC Jenny Clarke of the Chelmsford Domestic Abuse Investigation Team, said: “Everyone who has worked on this case has collected every bit of evidence and testimony we could to convince the jury of Richards’ intent that night”.

‘He waited behind the woman’s house armed with a dangerous weapon, dressed in waterproof clothing and chose to attack her in the middle of the night when she was most vulnerable.

She didn’t even care that the little children were alone inside the house and could have found their mother the next morning.

‘People like Richards are a danger to our communities and we will do everything we can to stop them.

“The woman felt insecure in herself until this guilty verdict and is to be commended for her courage not only after the incident but throughout the investigation and for providing vital evidence in court.”

“We would also like to commend the support network of friends and family she had behind her during this incredibly difficult time.”

Richards will be sentenced in December.

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