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Everything you need to know about magnesium, the trendy ‘miracle cure’

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Everything you need to know about magnesium, the trendy 'miracle cure'

Move over, CBD; Out pop, vitamin D and, calm down, collagen, because now magnesium is having its moment.

Yes, there is a wonderful health-enhancing supplement that is all the rage in town. It’s big news on TikTok, where #sleepygirlmocktail has racked up 103 million views: Gen Z can’t get enough of this sleep-inducing bedtime drink, which mixes magnesium powder with melatonin-rich cherry juice.

Meanwhile, nutritionist Pippa Campbell, author of Eat Right, Lose Weight and whose devotees include Gabby Logan and Zoe Ball, points out that her Magnesium Complex (£39.44 for 90g, pippacampbellhealth.com), which promotes “relaxation, energy and muscle function”, is now the best-seller in its range of supplements.

And on Instagram, you can barely move for biohackers (a polite term for people with too much time/money who are madly obsessed with their health) who espouse the virtues of drinking water rich in electrolytes, one of which is magnesium, to improve concentration. and physical performance.

Everything you need to know about magnesium the trendy miracle

“Magnesium is an essential mineral important for many different processes in the body, including muscle and nerve function, the immune system, energy production, sleep and bone health,” says author Dr. Gemma Newman. of Get.

Well, stay well. “However, this hasn’t changed; I was doing it before it became a trend.”

One of the reasons magnesium has struck a chord is that it can help with a multitude of problems. These include lack of sleep, stress, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, headaches, migraines, muscle pain, and recovery. Alexa, show me a list of a middle-aged woman’s health problems!

A supplement industry expert told me that sales of products containing CBD (cannabidiol, derived from the hemp plant), which has become popular as an anti-stress and sleep aid, are starting to decline, in part because women realize that magnesium can help. all of this and much more. And who doesn’t love to multitask?

“Everyone is stressed and can’t sleep,” as Campbell pithily puts it. “That’s why I rarely meet anyone who doesn’t benefit from a magnesium supplement.”

Sleep is, of course, our current collective health obsession. I’m panicking writing this because my Oura ring health tracker is scolding me for only getting five hours and 17 minutes of sleep last night, and luckily, magnesium is a godsend. .

“It helps regulate Gaba, our calming neurotransmitter, and as a result relaxes both the mind and body and helps with sleep,” says Campbell.

In fact, as soon as we’re done here, I’ll run myself a hot bath generously seasoned with Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate). For topical use, obviously, I won’t drink it. That’s another trick for magnesium: Although research is limited, it appears to work both topically and orally.

“People are becoming more aware of the different types of magnesium and its many beneficial uses,” says Rob Hobson, nutritionist at Healthspan, a specialist in vitamins and supplements. However, you should do your research and read ingredient lists carefully: there are several types of magnesium, all with different benefits.

While magnesium sulfate, for example, is good for muscle recovery, bisglycinate (also called glycinate) is a solid all-rounder that can help with low mood, anxiety, and sleep. Malate can increase energy, while citrate is useful for leg cramps and treating constipation.

CBD sales have fallen as women realize magnesium can do much more

Healthspan now receives a flood of inquiries from parents during exam time about magnesium supplements for their stressed, insomniac teens, Hobson says. “We know from research that the average magnesium intake for this age group is only 67 percent of the recommended daily amount,” she adds.

The recommended daily dose of magnesium for adults, according to the NHS, is 270 mg for women aged 19 to 64 and 300 mg for men in the same age group.

Many health experts believe that a large proportion of adults, such as teenagers, are deficient, although estimates vary, because magnesium levels are not routinely tested. (However, you can pay for mineral testing at some private health clinics.) Signs of deficiency may include muscle cramps, trembling eyelids, or restless legs.

If you suspect your magnesium levels need to increase, your first stop should be to review your diet. ‘I always take a food-first approach. “Magnesium can be obtained from nuts, seeds, whole grains, leafy green vegetables, legumes and dark chocolate,” says Dr. Newman.

She acknowledges, however, that depleted mineral levels in the soil (due to modern farming methods) and the rise of ultra-processed foods may mean we are getting less magnesium from our diet than we need. “And if you’re stressed, you deplete the magnesium in your body,” says Campbell. “You may get it all from your diet, but you’re consuming it all.”

You can also lose magnesium through heavy sweating and menstrual blood. Therefore, supplements can have their place, and magnesium, as an essential mineral that is widely used in the body, is a low-risk mineral to try.

‘Just keep in mind that absorption and bioavailability [how well it’s used by the body] Different types can vary, and so can recommended doses,’ says Dr. Newman.

“If you’re not sleeping well, are stressed, have migraines, or have hormonal issues, try a magnesium supplement and see how it goes,” Campbell says. ‘Take it for a week, or for PMS problems during a monthly cycle, and do not make any other changes to your diet and lifestyle during this time. You should know quickly if it works for you.’

Say no more: I’ll be making us a round of sleepy-girl mocktails soon.

Made for magnesium: choose the mineral booster for you

Hydration Hero

BetterYou Magnesium Water, from £23.88 for 12 cans, betteryou.com

Yes, you can drink it too. Choose your magnesium flavored water according to your needs: Hydrate (lime and bergamot), Energy (pomegranate and rhubarb) or Focus (cranberry and mint).

go calm down

Neom Perfect Night’s Sleep Magnesium Bath Milk, £40, neomwellbeing.com

Epsom salts not luxurious enough for you? Enhance bath time with this divinely scented lavender and patchouli potion from wellness brand Neom, boosted with magnesium chloride to aid sweet dreams.

Economical purchase

Healthspan Opti-Magnesium Tablets, £14.99 for 90, healthspan.es

Simple but quality supplements at decent prices. Taken twice a day, this pack will last six weeks. Contains magnesium citrate and malate to support immune and bone health, stimulate muscle function and also help with fatigue.

Fitness Favorite

Humantra sachets, £28 for 20 servings, humantra.es

I’m a big fan of these water-soluble electrolyte powders to boost energy and hydration after a hard session at the gym (or, well, the pub – hello, new favorite hangover cure). Each dose contains six electrolytes, including magnesium citrate, which, in combination with potassium and chromium, helps regulate blood sugar levels.

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