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European Commission: Making Call of Duty an Xbox Exclusive Won’t Hurt PlayStation | -WhatsNew2Day


More than a year after Xbox announced its plans to acquire Activision Blizzard, Microsoft is still waging an ongoing legal saga, and an unexpected development emerged last month when the British Capital Markets Authority blocked the deal while the European Commission approved it.

The European Commission explained why its views did not align with the CMA, stating there was no reason to believe that Xbox’s acquisition of a Call of Duty title would give the company an advantage over PlayStation.

explained the Executive Vice President of the European Commission “Margaret Vestager” The reason for agreeing to the transaction A speech she gave this week. Of course the speech was full of details about investments in the region but it was to highlight the largest deal in the industry.

Call of Duty was one of the biggest talking points I tapped into “Margaret Vestager”, Because it is a topic on which the views of Europe and the United Kingdom really coincide, as she stated, “rentSaying she was well aware of how popular Call of Duty is among other team shooters, but ultimately found that sacrificing a huge player base on the PlayStation platform in exchange for making the game an Xbox exclusive was just a futile risk.

“Margaret” also referred to the numbers confirming the PS5 platform’s superiority over the Xbox Series X at a rate of 4:1 in recent months, and therefore the European Union largely feels that Microsoft will reap more revenue once the series is left as it is and continues to launch series games for the PlayStation platform. .

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