<pre><pre>Epic teases Fortnite season 10 during the World Cup final

Fans who have tuned in to watch Fortnite World Cup Final on Sunday received an added bonus: a scourge of the coming 10th season of the game. We still don't know much about season 10, but the teaser image suggests the return of Dusty Depot, which was destroyed in season 4.


Developer Epic announced the unveiling during the solo tournament of the World Cup Final in New York, which places the 100 best players in the game against each other to win a grand prize of $ 3 million. The day before, during the duo competition, the European couple Emil "Nyhrox" Bergquist Pedersen and David "aqua" Wang won a big prize of $ 3 million. A total of $ 30 million in prize money was spent in the course of the three-day competition. The event included a short live performance by Marshmello, who previously gave a concert inside Fortnite that the biggest event ever of the game, with an audience of 10 million players.

Epic also announced that competitive play will continue after the World Cup in a new format for season 10, with the unveiling of the Fortnite Championship Series. It is not yet clear how it will work exactly, but Epic says that in the series "every result matters."

The run-up to season 10 has been going on for a while. It really started in mid-July when a towering pink robot was built and a countdown timer appeared on the island. When that timer expired, a huge – and very impressive – battle took place in which players watched the robot take out a huge monster. The skeleton of the beast is now a location on the island.

A similar slow construction took place last season, culminating in a dramatic volcanic eruption that devastated parts of the island. Season 9 of Fortnite started on 9 May and introduced a futuristic theme; the most striking change was a rebuilt Tilted Towers, where the urban area was turned into a science fiction metropolis. Season 10 starts on 1 August.