The lesson from the "secured financing" mess from Elon Musk is to never tweet

The request by Elon Musk to reject a libel case initiated by a speleologist was rejected today by a judge in Los Angeles, Bloomberg reported. The slander suit revolves around tweets where Musk the speleologist, Vernon Unsworth, a & # 39; pedo-man & # 39; called. Musk also sent emails to BuzzFeed journalist Ryan Mac, who are now part of the case.


A jury will decide whether those tweets and emails count as recklessly negligent, ruled US district judge Stephen Wilson.

The debacle started during a Thai rescue operation, when a group of boys were trapped in a cave. Together with some of his engineers, Musk built a mini-submarine that they sent to Thailand. Unsworth rejected the mini-sub in a CNN interview as a "PR stunt" and said Musk "could stop his submarine where it hurts." really asked for it. & # 39; Musk Apologized. Then, a month later, he called Unsworth a & # 39; child rapist & # 39; in an e-mail to Mac.

"I really hope he sues me," Musk wrote to Mac in an email. Unsworth did it.

Apparently after his first tweets, Musk hired a private investigator to dig into Unsworth's past, according to court documents submitted earlier this month. That private investigator, however was a convicted criminal. In an email to Mac, Musk said Unsworth was married to a 12-year-old in Thailand. According to Unsworth, that is not even what the private investigator Musk said. Unsworth says he met his wife in London – and she was 32 at the time.