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EA’s ‘pre-pre-pre-alpha’ video of the new Skate still looks pretty great

EA announced in 2020 that a new Skate game was on its way and on Thursday we got our first look – well, sort of. The company debuted a trailer with what it calls “pre-pre-pre-alpha” images of the upcoming skateboarding sequel, and even in this early form, the game seems to hold a lot of promise.

Unsurprisingly, the footage is mostly skateboarding, although much of it clearly has temporary images and art. A later part of the video has more full looking graphics, and it looks so new Skate entry will continue the realism of the series. There are also glimpses of some more outlandish ideas, like some hilariously high ramps and a building that resembles a pachinko sign. And many of the photos show many skateboarders at once, suggesting that in the final game you could be pulling tricks with a bunch of other people around.

We still don’t know when the game will be released, and since this is pre-pre-alpha visuals, it looks like you shouldn’t expect it anytime soon. But if you want to test the game, you can on the EA . website

Playtests are only available on PC through Origin, according to a FAQ† However, the playtesting signup form asks if you mainly play games on PC, PlayStation, Xbox or mobile, which could indicate that the game will eventually be released on all those platforms.

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