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Diablo IV review: A thrilling fantasy adventure set in a dark, ruthless world | -WhatsNew2Day


Years of long waiting for one of the most popular fantasy action role-playing game series, and this time with its fourth installment, Diablo IV.. Welcome to review and rate the best parts of this series ever.

Diablo IV is the fourth installment in the Diablo series of games developed by Blizzard. First announced at BlizzCon in 2019, it is a direct sequel to 2012’s Diablo III.

Welcome to Diablo IV review and rating

Developer: Blizzard Entertainment publisher: Blizzard Entertainment Game type: Hack and slash, adventure, fighting, magic, dark adventure Hardware: PS5 – PS4 – Xbox Series – Xbox One – PC Launch date: 06 June 2023 Evaluation copy: PlayStation 5

The story of Diablo IV

The story of the game takes place in a dark, horrific, and black world known as Sanctuary, which takes place immediately after the events of the third part, that is, many years after the events of Reaper of Souls, and mainly focuses on the ongoing struggle between the forces of good and light represented by humans, as the world is still gradually recovering from Tragic events befell him at the time, and the satanic evil forces, which represented the fulfillment of the prophecy of the return of the demonic creature, who was described as the daughter of hate, Lilith.

game world

The thing that most distinguished this part of Diablo IV is its charming and boldly open world, which is largely overshadowed by great darkness and mystery, where you see the tragedies and cruelty that surround you everywhere and in every corner. The atmosphere of The Witcher 3 with many things in common when touring its world.

In general, the world of Sanctuary consists of five regions to the best of our knowledge, which was confirmed by the game’s environment artist, Matt McDaid. We, in turn, did not take the time to discover everything, and this was due to the enormity of the game, and the most important of these environments will be “Fractured” snowy mountains. Peaks” where you will begin your adventures, desert environment “Dry Steppes”, swamps called “Hawezar”, forests called “Scosglen” and finally the area of ​​ruins and ruins called “Kehjistan”.

What distinguishes the game world is the dynamic weather system, i.e. day and night cycles, and it will not bother you much to wander around at night. The developer has worked to light the area around you very elegantly, you will encounter many monsters on your way, many side stories, and you will visit the towers and dungeons where it will be There are more than 140 of them to explore, plus hundreds of secret homes and places underground.

In general, it appears that exploration is the main element on which this game is built, so we have an example here about areas in the game that are ancient stone columns bearing a radiant symbol that are located in various parts of the game, where these columns are known as “Shrines”, and they can Giving you a very useful power. When a shrine is activated, it may completely protect you from the damage of enemy clusters on you, or double the amount of gold dropped by the enemy. Another type of shrine that adds additional variety to the gameplay, can be distinguished by the presence of a bright blue circle in front of it, and requires solving a specific puzzle to obtain the power hidden inside that shrine.

Does the game reward you for exploration?

The answer is simply “Yes, absolutely.” You will be rewarded very satisfactorily and unexpectedly when exploring and constantly searching for resources, items, weapons and armor. Sometimes you will forget the story of the game or the tasks required of you in order to explore and take high risks as a result, and in order to reach level 100 you will probably need To over 100 hours for it.

The game’s diverse open world to explore enables players to roam vibrant cities, remote villages, vast wild lands, and dark labyrinths. Players are faced with different challenges and enemies in these environments and must explore them in search of rewards, quests, and valuable resources.

playing style

The gameplay in Diablo IV is smooth and free from many errors, and it follows the classic style known by the Diablo series of games and offers a mixture of role-playing and action games with many innovative additions, mainly based on several considerations, which are as follows..

  1. Fighting and skills: The gameplay mainly focuses on the intense combat, mobility, dodging, and distinct skills and abilities of each character. Also, each playable character has a set of unique skills that can be developed and customized to suit your play style, so these skills can be used to attack enemies or confront their hordes and achieve victory in these intense and bloody battles.
  2. Health meter and reward system: The classic health meter system is used in the game which is a glass bottle full of blood that can be broken in case there is a continuous violent attack on you, where players must take care of the health of their characters and use the correct abilities and gear to survive the battles. Valuable and rare rewards and prizes can be obtained after defeating enemies and completing challenging missions.
  3. Collaboration and team playOne of the main elements in which Diablo IV allows you to play is cooperative play with other players in the shared world. You can join a squad of friends, other players, or just you and your friend in an exciting co-op to face difficult challenges and intense battles together, I have no doubt that it is a fun experience that cannot be left so easily.

Characters and classes

Characters: Diablo IV includes five playable characters so far, this number is likely to increase with upcoming updates, and it came as follows..

  • Barbarian: A strong, raging and very violent warrior in close combat, who uses heavy weapons, taking advantage of his strong muscles, despite his slow movement in general.
  • “Sorcerer”A wizard or witch skilled in magic and spells, who uses elemental powers to defeat her enemies, by manipulating the elements of the environment such as fire, light, ice, and others.
  • Necromancer magician: He is a character who uses black magic and magical powers to summon and control the dead and fight with them, not forgetting that he was one of the best classes in the beta version of the game.
  • Rogue seducerHe is a mercenary or thief, so to speak, who has the skills of infiltration, espionage, and quick fighting, and combines the characteristics of several classes to balance them appropriately to fight against enemies.
  • DruidsA person who uses magic and manipulates nature by using natural magic and shaping abilities to control the environment, animals, and natural elements such as winds and storms.

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Game graphics and sounds

Diablo IV’s high-quality graphics combine with a dark atmosphere and many subtle details to offer players an amazing and interesting visual experience. It was developed using the developer’s own internal game engine called “Blizzard Engine 4”. It has been improved over the previous versions in order to deliver high-quality 3D graphics and stunning visual effects.

The Diablo game series is known to rely mainly on vibrant orchestral music, which provides epic and majestic sounds to be heard and immersed in, it easily builds up the tension, suspense and thrill of intense battles, and even enhances the atmosphere of fear and anticipation in many of them. their places.

The music in Diablo IV is an important element that enhances the atmosphere and enhances the player’s experience, although full details about its music have not been revealed. However, you can enjoy deep music and sounds that are appropriate for the dark and horrific atmosphere of the game.

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Diablo IV was developed using a dedicated developer’s in-house game engine, and what appears to us is that it looks and feels greatly improved over the engines the developer has used and developed in the past, by offering high-quality 3D graphics and stunning visual effects.

Diablo IV’s realistic graphics, darkness, and plenty of detail give the world more liveliness, as the world has been carefully designed to reflect the horror and dread surrounding the game. The environments are meticulously detailed, from vibrant cities and villages to dark wildernesses and terrifying labyrinths. The world features iconic lighting and stunning shadows that enhance the visual experience and reflect the claustrophobic atmosphere of the game.

In addition, advanced technologies have been used to make the details of characters, enemies, and magical effects more powerful, and the characters are elegantly designed with smooth movements and realistic expressive features. The magical effects are also well represented, which enhances the visual experience of the game and adds more excitement and suspense.

“Diablo IV review”


  • A rich, deep story that simulates the tragedy that humanity suffers due to the powers of magic, demons, and witchcraft.

  • Highly-crafted cinematic cutscenes and the highest production quality we’ve seen in a video game.

  • Absolutely stunning graphics and visual effects featuring a dark, horrific and thrilling look at the same time, and great rendering of the characters’ shapes.

  • An open world that is diverse in terms of environments, climate, and explorable terrain, and much larger than the previous parts that were more like linear games.

  • The music of the game is enchanting and captivating hearts, and quickly enters you into the harsh game world full of tragedies, monsters and dark forces.

  • Considerable hours of gameplay, you’re going to have a long adventure and you’ll need to take a break from your work. This changed the multiplayer mode.

  • In general, the game adopted a massive shift in the course of the series, as it moved to a more comprehensive and open world, as if in some way inviting new players to join it.


  • The lack of support for the Arabic language, whether in voice dialogues, or translation of menus and texts.

  • It requires a stable and permanent Internet connection, and some problems with logins and accounts.

  • There are some errors and technical defects that may be fixed in the upcoming updates.

  • Setting up enemies, skills, weapons and combat can sometimes need some balancing to ensure a satisfying and motivating gaming experience for everyone.

Final rating – 9.5


A masterfully artistic epic

Without a doubt, Diablo IV has become Blizzard’s best game ever, maintaining the core tradition of strength, originality, and classic flavor of this ancient series, while adopting a bolder approach, and becoming a major contender for the title of Game of the Year. If you’re a fan of top-notch role-playing games, I’m sure Diablo 4 won’t disappoint you.

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