Devin Haney's father slams 'excuses' of Australian boxer George Kambosos' team ahead of title fight

War of words erupts as Devin Haney’s father slams parenting skills and “excuses” from George Kambosos’ father ahead of title fight blockbuster

  • Bill Haney, father of superstar Devin, has called out to the Kambosos camp
  • The 23-year-old undefeated champion taking on George Kambosos
  • The rematch will take place at Rod Laver Arena with Haney the firm favourite







The father of undefeated lightweight world champion Devin Haney, Bill, has verbally slammed George Kambosos and his team for making ‘excuses’ ahead of their blockbuster title rematch this Sunday.

Haney, the trainer of his superstar son, flared up at Kambosos’ father Jim during their final face-off before the ring in Melbourne.

Bill Haney points the finger at Jim Kambosos and calls the team ‘excuses’ for the big rematch on Sunday

The 43-year-old was seen pointing fingers and shouting at Jim and George as the crowd chanted “don’t take it Jim don’t take it!”.

After the media conference, Bill said he called for the Kambosos camp to stop making excuses.

“I asked him, ‘What excuse do you want now, Jim?'” Haney said Fox Sports.

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‘We raise men. We don’t raise men to have excuses. Women and babies can have excuses, but men can’t. That’s what I told him.

He is constantly either encouraging his son or getting behind the bull***t when he has to pull him to the side and make him feel better. The only way you’re going to get better is by addressing what the problem is rather than putting a Band-Aid on it.’

Jim Kambosos is held back during the Kambosos Jr v Haney weigh-in at Rod Laver Arena on October 15th

The excuses Bill Haney refers to date back to the first time American Devin and Australian underdog Kambosos met on June 5th.

Kambosos Jr. was accused of complaining about the referee and his flawed game plan, endorsed by former coach Javiel Centeno.

Haney celebrates after defeating George Kambosos Jr by unanimous decision on June 5

Haney has great respect for the former world champion, but still believes that he is not ‘behaving’ like the professional he should be.

“I just don’t think George is getting the right information,” Mr Haney said.

The 23-year-old is short-odds favorite at $1.19 to retain his world title on Australian soil again.

Haney meets Kambosos at weigh-ins on October 15 – Kambosos Jr. is the underdog by a massive margin

Kambosos is six years older than Haney, who handed the lightweight his first professional loss.

Amid visa issues, Bill was accepted onto Australian shores the night before his sons first fought – but on this occasion he has spent three weeks down under.

Kambosos Jr. was beaten unanimously on points, scored 112-116, 110-118 and 112-116.

The Aussie is expected to put in an improved performance with his underdog tag that saw him rise through the ranks to become a lightweight world champion.


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