Democrats publish a resolution on the next phase of investigating accusations

BREAKING NEWS: Democrats publish resolution on next phase of investigation into accusation with hearings on television and Republicans going to call witnesses – with House on Halloween vote


House democrats released Tuesday their accusation resolution describing the next phase of the investigation into Donald Trump, including public hearings, and giving Republicans the power to call witnesses.

The absence of the eight page & # 39; s document is a timeline for the progress of the process.

According to the resolution, power is concentrated in the hands of the House Intelligence Committee, chairman Adam Schiff, who can authorize extended periods of time to question witnesses and approve republican requests for witnesses.


Rep. Devin Nunes, the best Republican of the intelligence panel, can request witnesses and subpoenas, but Schiff must approve them and the entire committee must approve them by vote.

The resolution is scheduled for a vote in the plenary session on Thursday.

The resolution instructs a number of in-house committees to continue their ongoing investigations as part of the existing investigation by the House of Representatives into whether there are sufficient grounds for the House of Representatives to exercise its constitutional powers to support Donald John Trump, president. from the United States of America, and for other purposes. & # 39;

The resolution also allows Trump to defend his case before the legislator.

After the investigation is completed and the case goes to the House Judiciary Committee to work on accusation articles, Trump has the opportunity to participate or have his lawyers act on his behalf.

& # 39; The House authorizes the Commission for the Judiciary to initiate proceedings relating to the investigation of allegations referred to in the first part of this resolution, in accordance with the procedures laid down by the President of the Rules have been submitted to be printed in the Congress Report, including procedures to allow the participation of the President and his counsel, & it is said.

As soon as the intelligence committee ends its investigation – in which the committees House of Financial Services, Foreign Affairs, Justice, Supervision and Reform and Roads and Resources – will participate – they will report to the Chamber of Justice, which will work on drafting articles of deposition .