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Dark fantasy shooter with 95 percent positive reviews is only a short time on Steam cheaper than ever – WhatsNew2Day


Amid Evil not only convinces with its retro look on Steam, but above all with its crisp action.

Let’s ring in the new week with something nice: save money! You can now do that on Steam if you like the combination of stylish retro looks and hearty action. Because the shooter Amid Evil currently costs just a little over 4 euros and is therefore cheaper than ever – but only until April 26, 2023.

When looking at the user ratings, it quickly becomes clear: Here we are dealing with a real insider tip! If you are reluctant to buy despite the low price, you can even calmly convince yourself of the gameplay with a demo.

Visit the Amid Evil product page on Steam

This is what Amid Evil offers you

The premise of Amid Evil is deliberately kept simple in order to send older shooter fans in particular back to the 90s. Instead of fighting aliens in the distant future or terrorists in the present, here you fight hordes of bloodthirsty monsters in a dark fantasy setting.

To get to your goal and stop the evil, you use magic spears, axes and wands. The story is also old school, because it fits on a beer coaster: you were chosen by a divine power as a champion and are now supposed to reconquer their holy lands, a total of seven in number.

For a lasting challenge, the adaptive adversary AI worries that chase you through the non-linear levels. If you look around carefully, you can discover numerous secrets in the worlds. Despite the retro look, technology fans can also take a closer look at Amid Evil, because the Unreal Engine 4 title even masters ray tracing.

Amid Evil – View Screenshots

That’s what the Steam users say

Finally, a few voices from the Steam community. If from nearly 5,000 reviews almost all positive, Amid Evil must be doing something right.

The Steam user Corrsk praises the level design that much better than in the 90s may be. The arsenal of weapons is great, as is the movement, which enables precise jumps. users iddqd87 referred to as Amid Evil the weirdest of retro shooters, very pretty and funky and quite satisfying. Another user agrees, writing:

The gameplay is top notch. I have to give special credit to the level design team. There is no map in the game, but I almost never felt lost.

What is criticized? As mentioned, you have to look for negative reviews with a magnifying glass, but they exist. The German speaking user KaisaGlider criticizes the level of difficulty, which is way too unfair in places, while lina complained about the lack of power-ups, weapon combinations and interactive objects on the map (like explosive barrels).

As always in life, the same applies to Amid Evil: it’s best to form your own opinion! Thanks to the demo, you can convince yourself of the qualities of the shooter before you buy it. If you like what you see, you can look forward to a really good bargain! Let us know in the comments whether you like Amid Evil and which aspects you think stand out the most.

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