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Cutlery storage tips and tricks

People who love and know how to cook know that there are more and more accessories for the kitchen every year. Hand mills flooded the market, entering the daily routine, all kinds of multi-peelers for vegetables, sophisticated vegetable cutters with a thousand and one additional functions.

You can argue about their relevance for a long time, but meanwhile, in the kitchen, there are also essentials, without which it is impossible to imagine cooking and eating. They are lost in the shadow of their newer counterparts, and less and less is said about them. Cutlery is one of those items.

Meanwhile, it is possible and necessary to talk about them. They seem simple, but they also define the look of the kitchen on a par with wallpaper, furniture, and larger kitchen utensils. There is never a lot of cutlery, so as a result, the accumulated stock has to be stored somewhere, and it is better to do it neatly and beautifully.

If you don’t like to leave numerous forks, spoons, and knives in plain sight, you will need a silverware drawer organizer inserted into the drawer. Usually, an organizer with compartments designed for devices of different lengths and volumes is made of wood or plastic. Of course, the wooden model looks nobler, but it also costs an order of magnitude more.


If you do not want to buy a whole organizer, then purchase a set of trays and arrange them yourself in a drawer for each type of appliance. But individual trays, of course, lose to the organizer if you want to get all the devices at once and, for example, change their layout. The organizer will quickly come out entirely, but you will have to suffer from the trays.

With this storage method, it is better to occupy the topmost drawer of the table: forks, spoons, and knives are taken out and put back very often, so place them at the maximum accessible level.

Many modern organizers have compartments for cutlery and small jars of spices, salt shakers, pepper shakers, and napkins. It is very convenient when everything you need for a table setting is in one place.

Another option for built-in storage is a pull-out vertical drawer (or a narrow compartment in a kitchen cabinet), inside which everything you need is in the recesses. It is not the horizontal principle that works here, as in the previous example, but the vertical one, which is more reminiscent of desktop organizers.

Desktop organizers are quite convenient: items are easily removed and put back in place. Moreover, individual models become a wonderful decorative element, decorating the table.

By the way, if you are used to eating in the kitchen, then it is better to store the appliances, not on the dining table, but the work surface you are used to – the countertop, where you cut vegetables and meat, mix salads and knead the dough for pies.

As for materials, there are bamboo, wooden, plastic, and metal organizers. Metal ones are usually created very elegantly as if woven from a thin wire, but at the same time, they weigh quite a lot and stand firmly on the surface.

As for bamboo drawer organizers we recommend you to treat them periodically with food grade mineral oil (link) from Royal Craft Wood:


The danger lies in waiting for us if we choose a plastic stand. I will share with you my sad experience: a couple of years ago, I decided on a plastic container for my appliances, which seemed to be quite beautiful and convenient. Unfortunately, I did not consider the factor of its weight: the container turned out to be so light that, overloaded with forks and spoons, it strove to fall on its side, and I had to collect the scattered items every time.

Of course, the simplest jar or basket is also suitable for storing appliances, but its minus is the absence of internal dividing partitions. If you put forks and spoons in one container, they will quickly mix up, and putting a separate jar for each type of appliance means wasting space.

The container can not only be put away in a box or put on a countertop but also hung on a metal rod. This solution is well suited for a small kitchen, where every centimeter of the surface is expensive.

Typically, these containers are made of metal, but you can implement this idea yourself. In our article on DIY kitchen accessories, we showed you how to make a hanging cutlery organizer out of a cutting board and fabric.

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