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Comcast wants to enter the world of video games and eyes on major publishers -WhatsNew2Day


A report by Bloomberg talked about the endeavor of the communications giant, Comcast, to enter strongly into the world of the video game industry, and attention is turning to major publishers, most notably EA and the publisher of the GTA game, Take Two, and others.

According to this report, the telecom giant held talks with EA during 2022, which apparently failed. However, the company’s CEO did not give up Brian Roberts About his ambitions to seek entry into the video game industry through huge acquisitions.

Report claims Bloomberg That video games are the “missing piece” for Comcast and confirmed previous reports that Roberts seriously sought to complete the deal with EA, which owns a number of large video games such as Madden NFL and Star Wars, which fit Comcast’s directions.

According to the report, Take-Two is also an interesting proposition against Comcast. Where the company owns a large number of distinguished titles, most notably the Grand Theft Auto series, which alone is a profitable deal behind this acquisition.

Take-Two CEO, Strauss ZelnickHe said earlier that although he would consider all takeover offers, he would prefer to remain independent, but this may change depending on the circumstances and the strength of the offers.

Geetha Ranganathan, the media analyst at Bloomberg, suggested that Comcast wouldn’t mind swooping down on Activision Blizzard if its deal with Microsoft fell through. Roberts may also seek some kind of partnership with Nintendo. But all this remains just speculation and expectations, nothing more.

In the event that Comcast seeks to enter the video game industry in a strong way, there is no doubt that it has a huge budget to acquire major publishers such as EA, Take Two, and others.

Recently, many companies have begun tending to acquisitions and mergers with other companies in order to ensure continuity in facing inflation and the rapid expansion in the world of the video game industry. The largest deal that is still pending at the moment of writing this report is Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision for up to $69 billion.

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